Hill Pet of the Week: Jake

by HillNow.com Sponsor November 26, 2014 at 2:50 pm 0

Our Hill Pet of the Week is Jake, an 11-year-old miniature dachshund who gets around using a two-wheels cart under his hind legs after they were paralyzed. Here’s what his owner, Lily, told us about him:

Jake is a miniature dachshund who was born wearing his own tuxedo. Less sophisticated types might refer to him as a “black and tan.” He’s most famous/infamous for being probably the loudest dog on Capitol Hill. He’s 12 pounds of pure energy, despite being 11 years old with special needs. Knowing that with great charm comes great responsibility, Jake has worked hard at being lovable toward many people.

He just doesn’t have a whole lot of love to share with other dogs, people on bikes or joggers. It’s nothing personal, he just hates things faster than him. Eight years ago, he was living a normal life, running on all fours, barking like a banshee on fire in backyards. Then, one day, he stopped moving and was clearly in great pain. We rushed to the doc, who said he had intervertebral disc disease.

In other words, though we tried to discourage it, years of hopping and jumping around had contributed to the deterioration of Jake’s spine. After surgery, he lost feeling in his hind legs and has used a dog cart for walks outside ever since. These days, we walk almost daily, making stops for adoring fans and folks with questions. He’s an inspiration to stay active no matter what, and that — with the right attitude — formal wear can be everyday attire.

Want your pet to be considered for Hill Pet of the Week? Email [email protected] with a 2-3 paragraph bio and at least three horizontal photos of your pet. Each week’s winner receives a gift bag of dog or cat treats from Metro Mutts, along with 100 Metro Mutts Reward Points.

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