Foie Gras Festival Starts Today on H Street

by HillNow.com December 15, 2014 at 2:30 pm 2 Comments

Foie gras (Photo via Flickr/larryhalff)If you’re a fan of fattened duck liver, head to H Street NE.

Foie La La, the second annual foie gras festival kicks off today (Monday). Nine participating restaurants will serve their take on the duck or goose liver dish, through Dec. 25.

The event is a celebration of opulence, creator and Boundary Road chef Brad Walker told H Street Great Street.

“There is nothing quite like foie gras when it comes to indulgence,” he said. “It’s rich, unctuous, forbidden, luxurious, and the most delicious substance on earth.”

Last year, Walker served seared foie gras with gingerbread blini, braised collards, crispy pork belly and a maple apple brandy sauce.

The participating restaurants are Boundary Road, Driftwood Kitchen, The Big Board, Micho’s, Le Grenier, D.C. Harvest, Liberty Tree, Granville Moore’s and Ocopa.

Photo via Flickr/larryhalff

  • Sunflower

    Surprised and disappointed to see some of my favorite restaurants supporting — and trying to make money from — the torture of animals. Force-feeding ducks to generate foie gras, all for the sake of “opulence”, is pure torture and totally disgusting.

  • Ed Rutledge

    Fuck everyone involved in this disgusting display of sadism.


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