Petition Urges Council to Protect District From the Olympics

by January 8, 2015 at 11:30 am 1 Comment

Petition logo (Photo via of a new petition are asking the D.C. Council to protect residents in the event that the Olympics are held here.

The petition started yesterday (Wednesday) asks Council members to stand with citizens against the “displacement, militarization and plundering of our city” they say would occur if D.C. is selected to host the 2024 games.

More than 70 people have signed the petition so far. Here’s what it says:

1) We ask for a Bill ensuring no displacements, no private security, and no corporate welfare.

2) Any decision to use public money to facilitate the costs of the Olympics be put to a public referendum.

3) An “Olympic tax” on all companies who are doing work for the Olympic bid and those that receive contracts should the city be saddled with hosting the games. This tax would go towards the Affordable Housing fund.

4) “Claw Back” legislation that holds contractors and companies directly responsible if any community agreements are breached.

5) No private military and/or security contractors working in or patrolling our city. Security personnel and police should be responsive to the taxpayers not furthering the militarization of our streets and communities. (Some examples: Blackwater, G4S, Academi, etc).

The U.S. Olympic Committee’s decision is expected today.

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