Hill Pet of the Week: Simba

by HillNow.com Sponsor January 14, 2015 at 1:55 pm 0

The Hill Pet of the Week is Simba Bullock, an Egypt native who likes the finer things and is fixated on women’s hats. Here’s what his owner, James, said about him:

Simba Bullock was born in a suburb of Cairo, Egypt in 2004. He and his litter-sister Casper were adopted as young kittens by human sister and brother Sybil and Cyprien Bullock, U.S. Foreign Service children, who brought them to live in a big house shaded by tall mango trees. Later the feline siblings (but not the human ones) endured cages and microchips to move to a balconied apartment in Paris, where both cats and kids became quite accustomed to “the finer things.” No canned food for them! Eventually, all came back to D.C., where Simba soon became king of the backyard, bravely patrolling the fence tops to defend the family.

We lost Casper (the ghost) not long after our return to the U.S., but Simba continues to fill our hearts, charming one and all, especially the ladies — with whom he does tend to be a bit fresh. Actually, he is rather free with his affections generally, and he readily cuddles up to any warm lap in his vicinity. Each morning he faithfully awakens whomever he can find to feed him, but only if the cupboards are tightly closed. Otherwise, he is quite capable of helping himself!

Finally, he does have a guilty secret — a fixation on ladies’ hats, especially French berets, which he will ferret out of any closet not tightly closed. Whenever he finds a beret, he pounces on it and dances gleefully around the house swinging it to-and-fro. “We all have our little things,” he says, “now don’t we??!”

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