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Four Youth Wanted for Armed Assault at Hill CVS

by Andrea Swalec February 5, 2015 at 1:45 pm 4 Comments

A team of young people reportedly committed an armed assault inside the CVS store at 12th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue SE and are now being sought by police.

The juveniles assaulted and pulled a knife on someone about 4:45 p.m. last Monday, Jan. 26, Officer Aziz Alali, a police spokesman said today.

Surveillance video from the 500 12th St. SE store shows three boys and a girl with bright red hair enter the store individually and then leave together.

The victim was not cut by the knife, Alali said. He declined to disclose whether the victim was also a juvenile.

In October in the same CVS, a woman assaulted a man and threw a model of the Grim Reaper at him.

Crime is down in Police Service Area 107, which covers much of Capitol Hill. The number of reported violent crimes dropped 8.6 percent in the past year, compared with the previous one-year period. The number of reported property crimes dropped 1.6 percent in that period, according to Metropolitan Police Department crime data.

Video via MPD

  • steve849

    Maybe they had a troubled childhood.

    Oh, wait. They are children. Never mind.

  • Edward

    What the hell is going on in Capitol Hill lately? Every other day there is a new stabbing, robbery, car theft, etc.

  • Leslie

    About 2 months ago in the late afternoon I saw a pack of these juveniles assault a CVS employee at this store who was outside of the store speaking on his cell phone – they smacked the phone from his ear and then ran off laughing when it fell to the sidewalk and shattered.

  • Cara MacDonald

    Best quote of the story “In October in the same CVS, a woman assaulted a man and threw a model of the Grim Reaper at him.”


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