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Barracks Row Shop Homebody to Be Replaced by Rose’s Luxury Spinoff

by Andrea Swalec February 10, 2015 at 1:05 pm 1,144 10 Comments

Homebody (Photo via Facebook/Homebody)

The high-end home goods shop Homebody may be saying farewell to Barracks Row.

After 10 years at 715 8th St. SE, Homebody will close this summer to make way for a second restaurant from the owners of top-rated Rose’s Luxury, located next door.

Homebody will seek a new storefront, owner Henriette Fourcade said Tuesday, after news broke that Rose’s Luxury would open a fine-dining restaurant in the store’s current location.

“I don’t know if [the new store] will be on the Hill,” Fourcade said. “We’re looking for space now.”

Homebody reached the end of its 10-year lease, after opening in Aug. 2005.

“It seems like the way of the city,” Fourcade said. “All the landlords see what’s happening and they’re capitalizing on that.”

Homebody, which sells furniture and household items, will likely move out in June or July.

The second Rose’s Luxury location will operate as a “fancy” but not “formal” restaurant by night, and a coffee shop by day, The Washington Post reported. Unlike Rose’s Luxury, the still-unnamed restaurant will take reservations.

  • KP

    Ugh… Bummed to hear this! That place is one of the few unique furnishings and creative art, jewerly, coffee makers, clock dealers etc in the city. It’s been my one stop Christmas shop since they opened. We’d love that joint on H Street!

  • contemna

    Yes, please come to Near H Street. Will miss you if you leave the Hill entirely. 🙁

  • Lori Ward

    a major loss to our neighborhood to lose what little retail we have –
    especially the rock that Homebody has been. Skyrocketing rents are
    killing homegrown retail. One day, our neighborhood won’t be discernible
    from any other big box/restaurant enclave – maybe it already is just
    another vanilla tapioca neighborhood. Kudos to Henriette Fourcade for
    making Homebody successful for such a long time.

  • Laura

    What a shame. Shop owner and life-long DC resident Henriette was able to keep Homebody up and running through a downturn in the real estate market and the Great Recession. No small feat. Only to be run out by a sea change at the local level.

  • dlg

    Forgot H St – move down to Barney Circle on PA Ave SE.

  • rod ex of hill

    My favorite place on the hill. Come to Fort Lauderdale Henriette.

  • John

    Once again the almighty dollar trumps all. That is a great shop and barracks row will be less without it. I’m over Rose’s. Great food and I enjoyed eating there before they were”famous”. Last time my wife and I tried to eat there we were going to try eating at the bar. We tried to sit down at open seats and the bartender advised he was keeping a list of names for bar seats. Really? mo reservations and now you run a list at the bar? No thanks.

  • Kim Nead

    I’m also sad about this. I’ll miss Homebody.

  • disqus_1YDhYBglF8

    I hope we can keep Homebody on hill – It’s a staple!

  • ellie_lite

    i’ve gotten christmas presents for at least 5 years. what a loss.


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