Hill Pets of the Week: Bailey and Phoebe

by HillNow.com Sponsor February 11, 2015 at 3:50 pm 0

For Valentine’s Day, we have two pets of the week: sister cats who drool, hide in the refrigerator and like to accompany their owners to the bathroom. Here’s what their owner, Adrienne, shared about them:

Meet Phoebe and Bailey, two sisters born to a kitty rescued from the streets of Baltimore who now live near Stanton Park, on the Hill. They enjoy a happy indoor existence full of window-sitting, sunbathing and belly-kneading.

Phoebe and Bailey are especially enthusiastic about receipts their parents bring home from shopping. They like them to be balled up and thrown about so they can play with them for approximately three minutes and then lose them under a large piece of furniture. They can usually convince their dad with their pathetically cute meowing to get on the floor with a yardstick and fish one or ten receipts out for them, which they will play with for approximately three more minutes and then lose them under a large piece of furniture. And the cycle continues.

In addition to their amazing receipt ball skills, Phoebe and Bailey enjoy defending their parents from birds outside the window, not catching the mouse that lives in the kitchen and getting appropriately timed belly rubs. They are very similar but each have their own quirks and personalities. Phoebe loves nothing more than climbing into the open refrigerator, while Bailey enjoys joining you in the bathroom. They are also avid cuddlers who show their love and affection by drooling on and/or licking each other and their mom and dad.

Want your pet to be considered for Hill Pet of the Week? Email [email protected] with a 2-3 paragraph bio and at least three horizontal photos of your pet. Each week’s winner receives a gift bag of dog or cat treats from Metro Mutts, along with 100 Metro Mutts Reward Points.

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