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POLL: Which Neighborhood Groups Does the Hill Need (or Not)?

by HillNow.com February 18, 2015 at 10:45 am 7 Comments

D Street SE Hill Now reported yesterday on a recently formed community group for locals without kids, and we got a huge response.

Like the large and oft-discussed Moms on the Hill (MOTH) group, Childfree Living on the Hill (CLOTH) is meant to bring together neighbors who might not connect otherwise, resident Lori Ward said. She started a Facebook page for the group and is coordinating a real-life get-together soon.

Commenters on our Facebook page told us these groups are an “only in D.C.” phenomenon and that they want a Dog Owners on the Hill (DOOTH) group.

Does the Hill need more community groups? Which ones? And what’s living on the Hill all about anyway?

  • Shiba Fussa

    Self Centered on The Hill (SCOTH)

  • Amy

    The more the merrier. That said, I need to un-subscribe from several of them because I am going to stab myself in the eye if I see another plug for East Side Yoga.

    • Hi Amy! I’m Alia, the owner of East Side Yoga (and also a Hill resident). I really apologize that our marketing has rubbed you the wrong way. We just wanted to make sure that the neighborhood knew we were opening and where to find us – and clearly, you do! Now that we are open for business, don’t worry – there will be a lot less “plugging” on the neighborhood lists.


  • Amber T.

    These groups are great! But another yoga studio? I need a better gym, now that Results is depressing 🙁

  • If group members are required to use their real names, they’re less likely to broadcast rumors and harm others. Just sayin ….

  • Ruthcarol

    A group for eye stabbers who are mercifully childfree but own a dog and want a cat but like yoga and hope for a Trader Joes within Ward 6 within their lifetime.

  • TC

    Don’t sleep on the concerned fathers of Capitol Hill.


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