Shooter Who Riddled Southwest Apartments With Bullets Still on the Loose

by Andrea Swalec February 20, 2015 at 1:25 pm 0

(Updated at 2 p.m.) Police don’t know who sent at least five bullets flying through the windows of the upscale Sky House apartments this week.

Officials said Tuesday that they arrested a man in connection with gunfire that flew through the windows of 1150 4th St. SW — just east of the Waterfront Metro station — on Monday night. But upon further investigation, officers found that two separate sets of gunshots were reported that night, and the suspect is believed to be responsible for only one set of them.

The first set of shots was reported by callers on the 1100 block of Delaware Avenue SW and the 1100 block of 4th Street SW at about 10:10 p.m. Monday, Sgt. Michael Architzel said by email late last night. The second set of shots was reported soon after, on the 200 block of K Street SW.

Police arrested a man found standing with a black semi-automatic handgun at his feet, and told Hill Now on Monday that he was suspected of firing the shots that whizzed through the windows of at least five apartments. But further investigation revealed the suspect is not believed to be responsible for the shots that hit the building.

“The individual who was arrested for carrying a pistol on 200 K St. is not involved [with the Sky House incident], as that event does not match [the] time frame or location,” Architzel said.

Sky House residents found bullets in their windows, walls and kitchen cabinets, causing thousands of dollars in damage, police said Wednesday night. One resident described watching the evening news in his living room when a bullet flew just feet in front of him. “It was like a lightbulb exploding,” he said.

Police said initially that no property was damaged by the gunfire.

Two people were questioned by police for the gunfire that hit Sky House, but they were released because officers had no probable cause to believe they were involved, Architzel said.

No shell casings to pinpoint a crime scene were found.

Gunshots near the Waterfront Metro station are uncommon, Architzel said. Gunshot incidents were reported at 4th and O streets SW in late December, but “prior to that, I cannot even remember the last time we had any,” he said.

James Anderson, 27, was shot to death Jan. 11 on the 1300 block of 1st St. SW, as Hill Now reported. A suspect was arrested Feb. 10 and charged with 1st degree murder. And two people were arrested for a midday shooting on the same block on Feb. 7.

Police did not immediately provide data on recent gunshot incidents.

A designated Police Service Area 105 tactical team patrols a zone near the Waterfront Metro station, and all officers have been asked to “provide special attention” to the area, Architzel said.

“We also have been working with security at 325 P St. over the last few months to combat crime, and I believe that will further help us prevent future incidents like this,” he added.

Overall crime is down in PSA 105, which covers Southwest. The total number of crimes reported in the past year is 552, which is more than 6 percent lower than the 588 crimes reported the previous year, Metropolitan Police Department data shows.


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