Crime-Prevention Training to Be Held Soon on the Hill

by Andrea Swalec February 26, 2015 at 2:30 pm 1 Comment

Items left unattended in a car (Photo courtesy of Samantha Nolan)A staggering proportion of crimes are fully preventable.

That’s the message behind a crime-prevention training the Metropolitan Police Department will host early next month on Capitol Hill.

Samantha Nolan, who has run similar trainings for the MPD for the past 14 years, will remind locals to be vigilant and get to know their neighbors. She estimates that 80 percent of crimes committed in the District can be stopped.

“What I teach are behavior changes that reduce the likelihood of becoming a crime victim,” she said. “Through our behaviors, we allow some crimes to happen. Through changing our behaviors, we can prevent those crimes.”

Nolan will remind locals to avoid leaving valuables within view in cars, displaying electronics while walking down the street and walking alone at night.

Reducing preventable crimes lets police focus on bigger cases, she said.

“Instead of police writing up a report on a stolen purse, they can look for suspects that have just conducted a robbery,” she said.

The free, hour-long session will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, March 9 at Brent Elementary School (301 N. Carolina Ave.).

Photo courtesy of Samantha Nolan


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