POLL: Should D.C. Scrap the H Street Streetcar Project?

by Andrew Ramonas March 9, 2015 at 2:20 pm 31 Comments

H Street Streetcar

The head of the District Department of Transportation made jaws drop Friday when he said he would kill the H Street streetcar project if additional reviews reveal “fatal flaws.”

Leif Dormsjo said he prefers to keep the project on track, but won’t “ask for money from the citizens of this jurisdiction, nor from this council, for something I can’t manage.”

Here’s how some Facebook users reacted to the news on Hill Now’s page:

Jeff Davenport: There are test cars running up and down that line successfully all the time. This project is at the brink of success. Abandoning it now sounds like people with a hidden agenda want to kill it. We need a comprehensive public transport system in the city that gets you everywhere and works for everyone. Streetcars have to be a part of that system.

Diane Kohn: I want my money back.

Daniel Herman: This project needs to continue. We need to make progress not keep progress from happening.

Mona Evans Butterfield:Waste of money. It is so annoying to see those empty cars driving up and down wasting time.

What do you want the city to do? You can weigh in through the poll and in the comments.


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