Dog Poop Pickup Battle Is Back In Hill East

by Andrea Swalec March 12, 2015 at 12:15 pm 8 Comments

Previous version of D.C. dog poop signs, before fines were hiked (Photo via Flickr/dcmetroblogger)A fight that lit up a neighborhood email list on Capitol Hill is heating up again.

Residents are trying to identify a serial “trespooper” spotted leaving his dog’s waste on sidewalks and at curbs in Hill East.

“I find this irresponsible behavior especially infuriating,” a resident who identified himself as living near 17th and A streets SE wrote. “If the trespooper is on this listserv, I strongly urge you to stop leaving your dog waste outside our house. It’s as unsanitary as it is unsightly.”

Locals griped on the Hill East listserv in March about dog owners not cleaning up after their pets or throwing dog poop bags in their neighbors’ trash, as Washington City Paper chronicled. The fight briefly resurfaced in November.

Anyone caught leaving behind dog waste in public can be fined $150 to $2,000, as DCist reported.

Photo via Flickr/dcmetroblogger

  • Ashley

    I live in Hill East at 14th and C, SE. How do I get on the Hill East listserv?

  • Z

    Without fail I get a bag of dog poop in my trash bin if I leave it outside my gate for a day. It’s disgusting. Always the same light Green bag. Does not get picked up by trash truck so it just sits and sits until I fish it out. Combined with the other checkers trash that finds its way inside it gets really messy especially when rain is involved. One warm summer day maggots joined the party and it was repulsive cleaning that up. If I catch the person throwing poop in my bin I will find it very difficult not to make a scene heard round the block. 14th and G St NE. Watch yourself.

  • What’s wrong with tossing the bag of poop in the (neighbor’s) trash if it is by the curb for pick up? Better than leaving it on the ground.

  • HillEast

    I’ve been reading these emails as they come out over the listserv and I am thoroughly disgusted – at these neighbors for posting such trash! Calling people “slovenly” and public shaming like this? These posters sound like horrible, miserable people, and they make HillEast a worse place by living here. If I was an equally horrible person, I’d hope someone posts the address of the person who took the original video and the person calling their neighbor “slovenly” and the other neighbors host a “poop-in” right on their front porches!

  • Tina

    I live in Hill East — how do I join the listserv? I can’t figure out where it’s hosted.

    • Tina

      Whoops nvrmind, I see it farther down.


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