Hill Pet of the Week: Murf Dawg

by HillNow.com Sponsor March 17, 2015 at 3:00 pm 0

A 6-year-old pooch named Murf Dawg is Hill Pet of the Week. He likes standing on his hind legs and twirling, and can detect a chicken bone from an impressive distance. Murf Dawg lost vision in one eye but is thriving, his owner Amy said. Here’s what she told us about her pet:

Murf Dawg has more charm in his left paw than all the other dogs and humans on the Hill combined. We have lived on the Hill since 2009, but he was born in the foothills of Sequoia National Park. His first home with me was a block from the beach in Oceanside, CA, but he was a trouper about coming to DC.

Murf’s talents include standing on his hind legs and twirling, taking up an entire queen size bed, posing and detecting chicken bones three blocks away. In his free time, he likes to lounge on an armchair in a ‘Masterpiece Theater’ pose (see pic), visit the park and clean human ears. He is always hungry and welcomes all gifts of snacks and bones. Murf has dressed as the Pope, His Fluffiness and Murf I for Halloween last year.

At age 4, Murf developed glaucoma (seemingly overnight) and lost all vision in his right eye. After several months of getting eight eyedrops per day, he and I consulted with his ophthalmologist and health insurance and opted for evisceration surgery. Thanks to the talented Dr. Adkins of the Hope Advanced Veterinary Center, Murf is thriving as a one-eyed 6-year-old who now gets only two eyedrops per day.

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