Possible Accidental Shooting Investigated on 10th Street NE

by Andrea Swalec March 20, 2015 at 9:40 am 0

Police car lightPolice are investigating after a man was found with a gunshot wound near Sherwood Recreation Center yesterday afternoon.

First District officers responded to the 600 block of 10th Street NE about 4:50 p.m. Thursday. A man was found with a wound to his “lower extremity” — that is, leg or foot — police said last night.

The incident is being investigated as an “injured person to hospital,” not an assault with a dangerous weapon, which indicates the shooting may have been accidental. Police did not immediately respond to an inquiry.

In other Near Northeast crime news, a boy of about 13 or 14 years old committed a robbery last night at 8th and H streets NE. The crime occurred about 5:40 p.m., police said. The suspect was described as having black hair and a light complexion, and standing about 4-foot-2.

Both violent crime and property crime in Police Service Area 104 rose in the past 60 days, compared with the previous 60-day period. Reports of violent crime rose from 6 to 23, and reports of property crimes jumped from 108 to 128, police data shows.


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