Speed Cameras Installed on South Capitol Street

by Andrew Ramonas March 23, 2015 at 12:25 pm 0

Speed limit sign (Photo via Flickr/spacedust2019)Drivers on South Capitol Street will have to watch out for new speed cameras near Nationals Park, police said yesterday.

The cameras will look for speeders on the 1400 block of South Capitol Street in Southeast and Southwest. The speed limit in the area is 25 miles per hour.

Police won’t start writing speeding tickets until next month, however. Starting today, speeders only will receive warnings, until a 30-day education phase is over.

The devices are among six new speed cameras that police disclosed Sunday. The South Capitol Street cameras are the only new ones in the Metropolitan Police Department’s First District, which includes Navy Yard and Capitol Hill.

MPD now has more than two dozen speed cameras in the First District.

Photo via Flickr/spacedust2019


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