Police Chief Praises Mayor’s Budget Plan for Public Safety

by Andrea Swalec April 8, 2015 at 11:25 am 0

Police Chief Cathy Lanier posed for a photo with locals at a First District Citizens Advisory Council meeting

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s budget proposal has the police chief’s OK.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier spoke in favor of Bowser’s budget proposal for public safety, in remarks at a community meeting last night.

“What we’ve got in this budget overall is excellent for us,” Lanier said at a First District Citizens Advisory Council meeting held at the station house.

“[Bowser] put $2.9 million back in the budget to help me push cops back out,” Lanier said regarding a proposal to create 48 new positions for civilians, which will move officers back onto streets.

Lanier also praised the $2.5 million plan to retain officers through college tuition assistance and forgiveness.

“An officer that has a college degree is a better police officer,” she said.

The police chief said she expects the proposed $5.1 million initiative to equip officers with body cameras will cut complaints about police misconduct.

“Everyone acts better when there’s a camera,” Lanier said.

Bowser’s budget proposal for financial year 2016, released Thursday, would raise the Metropolitan Police Department’s operating budget from about $513.6 million approved in financial year 2015 to $538.3 million. The entire budget must be approved by D.C. Council.


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