Meet the ‘Running of the Chihuahuas’ Winner

by Andrew Ramonas May 5, 2015 at 1:10 pm 0

A three-year-old dog with a mohawk made his owner proud at the “Running of the Chihuahuas” this weekend along the Southwest waterfront.

The winner of the race that pits Chihuahuas against each other for charity was Woodstock, a first-time contestant in the run. His owner, Ryan Rudominer, said the award will go on display in his Arlington home.

“His first place trophy will go right on the fireplace mantel,” said Rudominer, a 37-year-old consultant. “I simply couldn’t be prouder.”

Woodstock, a rescue dog, has experience moving fast. The Chihuahua sprints down the hallway that leads to his apartment after late-night walks, Rudominer said.

The dog is a “speedy little guy,” his owner said, noting it was a close race.

“He’s a great little dog with a ton of spirit,” said Rudominer, who plans to enter Woodstock in the race again next year.

In addition to the trophy, Woodstock won $150 for his owner. Rudominer said he will spend it on dog toys and other presents.

“He’s no stranger to being spoiled,” he said.

Photos via Twitter/Ryan Rudominer


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