Navy Yard Bike Repairman Aims to Convert Food Truck Into Mobile Shop

by Andrew Ramonas May 14, 2015 at 1:15 pm 1 Comment

Handy Bikes DC owner Peter Buck works on a bicycle (Photo via Kickstarter/Handy Bikes DC)A Navy Yard resident who fixes bicycles across Capitol Hill is fundraising to turn a food truck into a bike repair truck.

Peter Buck, the Navy chief petty officer who owns the “mobile pop-up business” Handy Bikes DC, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new “self-contained, efficient and agile mobile bicycle repair truck,” he said on his fundraising website.

“Think food truck, without the food,” the site says.

Since he started his business in 2013, Buck found that his pickup truck and trailer — which together stretch 38 feet in length — aren’t ideal for maneuvering through D.C. streets and parking on them. He usually sets up evenings and weekends near 1st and K streets SE, offering services that include a $10 flat tire repair and a $59 basic tune-up.

Buck, 33, said he would like to move throughout the District with a vehicle similar to a food truck. But mobility with his current setup is a “little untenable,” he said.

“The execution was a bit lacking,” Buck said.

So far, Buck has raised more than $3,600 from 51 backers. His goal is $8,500 by May 31.

If he doesn’t reach his goal, Buck said he will continue to fix bicycles and try to raise money again.

“This business is not going to fold,” he said.

Photo via Kickstarter/Handy Bikes DC


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