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POLL: Do You Support a Larger Capitol Hill Historic District?

by Andrew Ramonas June 4, 2015 at 1:40 pm 5 Comments

G Street NE(Updated at 2:20 p.m.) An expansion of the Capitol Hill Historic District approved last week has earned mix reviews from locals.

The D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board endorsed historic district boundaries that now include a small area east of Union Station containing 188 homes. The four-block region is bounded by 2nd Street NE, 4th Street NE, F Street NE and an area just shy of H Street NE.

Some residents in the area tried to stop the historic district from growing. But ANC 6C Mark Eckenwiler, who represents the new historic zone, has stood behind the expansion.

The Capitol Hill Restoration Society advises historic home owners to “resist the temptation” to “improve original features of [their] property.”

Do you support this expansion of the Capitol Hill Historic District? You can weigh in through the poll and in the comments.

  • Corey H.

    Do I support this narrow expansion of the Capitol Hill Historic District? do I supports other expansions of the Capitol Hill HD? Or do I support the creation of a new Hill East or Barney Circle Historic District? Because the answers are dramatically different

    • Thanks for the note. The poll concerns the expansion the Historic Preservation Review Board approved last week. I’ve updated the poll to address your concern.

  • Jenn H.

    I live in the area that was just included and over the last few years I’ve watched the SEC bldg along with the new hi-rises along H St. box in our little corner of Cap Hill. Some of the row houses within this area responded to the loss of their views by putting up multi-storied pop-ups that ruin the entire roofline of our blocks. Our charming architecture and style was in danger of being lost. I supported this measure for no other reason than to hopefully create better controls on what the DCRA grants permits for on Cap Hill so we can maintain our neighborhood feel.

  • Jeff Davenport

    Our block is now bounded on two sides by the historic district. We want to renovate our home to better utilize the internal space, but we aren’t ready to do it just yet. We may need to accelerate our plans because the historic district is coming for us!

  • cc



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