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POLL: Do You Support the New Pop-Up Height Limit?

by Andrew Ramonas June 10, 2015 at 12:10 pm 3 Comments

Pop-up house on A Street SEThe District’s zoning panel this week officially signed off on rules that reduce the height limit for new pop-up homes on Capitol Hill and other D.C. neighborhoods.

The maximum height for single-family town houses has decreased from 40 to 35 feet under the regulations the D.C. Zoning Commission endorsed Monday, The Washington Post reported. Earlier this year, the rules received preliminary approval from the panel and support from neighborhood leaders in the Capitol Hill area.

Locals have complained that pop-up construction has changed the character of residential streets, blocked sunlight and caused other problems.

Do you support the new pop-up height limit? You can weigh in through the poll and in the comments.

  • No flop, just a hybrid pop.

    It’s more complicated. Increased height with a set-back from the street so one cannot see it from the street may be appropriate. There’s a great example across from NE Library. But popping up the facade is ridiculous. Also, one level would have to be the max, for a pre-existing 2-level house. Already 3 levels, ah no…

  • David Fabian

    The new zoning requirements address issues of density (which “the neighbors” care about in R-4 apparently), but it does nothing to address the architectural concerns of vinyl sided boxes being plopped on top of two-story row houses everywhere in the city. There should be an architectural review of pop-ups, even outside of historic districts. Don’t make it too onerous, but don’t give unscrupulous developers a pass.

  • suspicious_package

    This policy makes it more difficult to build to 40 feet, but does nothing to address the concern of ugly pop-ups. It is all cost and no benefit.


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