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Suspected Overdoses at Capitol Hill Homeless Shelter Leave Four People Hospitalized

by Andrew Ramonas June 16, 2015 at 5:05 pm 4 Comments

Community for Creative Nonviolence Homeless Shelter (Photo via Facebook/Community for Creative Nonviolence Homeless Shelter)(Updated at 5:15 p.m.) Four people at a Capitol Hill homeless shelter were hospitalized this afternoon after they apparently overdosed on an unknown substance.

D.C. Fire and EMS Department units arrived at the Community for Creative Nonviolence Homeless Shelter at 425 2nd St. NW about 3 p.m. and left with four people about an hour later, a fire and EMS spokesman said.

The incident came less than two weeks after at least seven people overdosed on synthetic marijuana at the shelter. A fire and EMS representative told NBC Washington that the suspected overdoses today appeared similar to the overdoses earlier this month. NBC Washington was the first to report on today’s suspected overdoses.

Mayor Muriel Bowser yesterday announced new drug enforcement strategy intended to give law enforcement enhanced authorities to crack down on the sale of synthetic drugs.

Photo via Facebook/Community for Creative Nonviolence Homeless Shelter

  • mind of an addict

    sorry to say that even with the overdoses less than 2 weeks ago, the attitude of users is if people are overdosing it must be good, so i will use it, but not as much, that’s most likely the reason only 4 people were hospitalized this week, next month, it may be even less or none at all, probably won’t even make the news.

  • Hill Resident

    So am I
    reading this right: My tax dollars, which are taken by the city, help
    fund these homeless shelters. Shelters are good to
    help folks through tough/down times. What I can’t fathom is why
    my tax dollars are paying for folks to live in these homeless shelters and
    get high. Legit question being asked here: “Is there any
    enforcement of contract/rules/laws if you reside in one of these shelters that
    you won’t take advantage of the well intentioned facility’? And if you
    do, like getting high and overdosing…you are removed from the facility (which
    isn’t really an answer). No consequences for their actions.

    • RightOffTheBat

      Bowser wants to raise our sales tax from 5.75% to 6.0% to ‘help confront homelessness.’ What will this accomplish?

    • hubjub

      “What I can’t fathom is why my tax dollars are paying for folks to live in these homeless shelters and
      get high.”

      Our tax dollars are paying for the shelter to be available and run like it is (or isn’t) because the people in power were voted in by people in DC. Someone somewhere drank the kool aid that some politician was shilling about how s/he is different and speaks for the people. In reality, this person likely just became the a more powerful person on a city that’s run like a church book club that wants to be a library.

      A long time ago, similar people in power sold us all on the wonderful idea that opening a shelter would be a wonderful idea. Unfortunately — like everything else in this city — they didn’t consider what to do once they opened it. The only thing they did with opening a shelter was providing people with a different venue to do the same thing they were doing on the street. It’s not fair to blame people who are homeless for doing something just because we gave them better scenery.

      If you want to change the attitude of people from thinking there’s something better out there than whatever it is they’re doing, you’re going to need to give them a reason to do it. Better services for education, job training, etc. are all great, but realistically someone somewhere is going to need to help people from feeling like they deserve something.

      Sadly, I doubt that will ever happen, since even people who have a home in this area already suffer from that same sense of entitlement, as proven when trying to do something painfully stupid like merging into traffic on 395 during rush hour.



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