Pound the Hill Closing Sunday, Will Transition to Bourbon Coffee

by Bryan Doyle June 18, 2015 at 10:10 am 0

Pound the Hill, the coffee shop and eatery on 621 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, will close on Sunday. The owners sent out a touching email to their list just minutes ago.

Dear Extended Pound The Hill Family,

You’ve been amazing. You’ve woken up with us in the morning with a Nutella latte or a cappuccino, shared your weekends with us over a croissant breakfast sandwich, hosted your birthday happy hours and dinners with us over a few bottles of wine. You’ve come to us from the ages of 3 days old, to over 100 years old. You’ve shared your stories with us, let us share ours with you, even helped us make new stories together. Day in and day out, you’ve given our staff a reason to sincerely smile each morning and to look forward to getting up each day; we can only hope we’ve done the same for you.

So why am I speaking in the past tense and why am I getting all sentimental? Well, my friends, Pound The Hill, at least as we’ve all known it, is coming to an end this weekend. This Sunday evening, June 21st, after over 4 years on the Hill, Pound will be closing.

The very, very good news is that our little space will live on! In fact, as of Monday 6/22, Pound will be owned and operated by Bourbon Coffee. They will operate in the near future with the business as-is, but will transition the brand, space, menu and coffee soon. The absolute best and most important part to me? They’ll be keeping our staff on board! See a short note from them below:

We feature directly traded Rwandan coffee and have operated our first location in Foggy Bottom for the last 6 years. We will be working closely with the staff and are excited to get moving! More info is available at www.bourboncoffee.com.

So that means there are a mere 4 days left to experience Pound The Hill as you’ve known it; the good, the bad and the delicious. While we certainly hope you’ll continue to support the location in the future under Bourbon, we’d absolutely love to see you one last time before Pound The Hill is no more! Tell your friends, grab your coworkers, leash up the dog…come on down in the next 4 days!

The mixed emotions we feel at Pound The Hill are overwhelming and you can’t read any longer on your iPhone. So let’s just wrap it up with this; THANK YOU for being fantastic customers!!

Karl & Frank of Pound The Hill

TL;DR Pound is closing, Boubon Coffee is coming, come see us in the next 4 days!


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