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Hill East Parents Petition Against Gun Bill

by Jared Holt June 29, 2015 at 2:15 pm 7 Comments

Marco Rubio (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)Some parents at an elementary school are signing a letter petitioning Congressional committees to vote down a bill they believe would make their neighborhood less safe.

Local dads from a parent organization at Maury Elementary penned the note in response to Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) proposed “Second Amendment Enforcement Act.”

The act (duplicate bills S.874 and H.R. 1710) would prevent District government from creating any laws restricting the sale of firearms to qualifying buyers and amends D.C. code to authorize local regulation concerning possession and transportation of firearms.

At noon, the petition had over 80 signatures.

“We perceive easy access to firearms in our neighborhoods as a direct threat to the security of our families and are prepared to use every tool of civic power at our disposal to prevent further guns in our neighborhoods,” the letter reads.

Max Bernstein, one of the drafters of the letter and a parent, said he is delivering the letter today to Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairmen of the committees scheduled to review the act.

Bernstein said the group does not directly oppose any politicians or the 2nd amendment and that it can be addressed separate from party lines.

“As parents, we don’t want people to be able to carry guns into Maury Elementary school. It’s a safety concern,” Bernstein said. “But what it really comes down to is whether we get to decide what happens in our city, or if its left to someone who’s halfway across the country. We should get to decide what is appropriate for our community.”

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

  • Hill Resident

    Mr. Bernstein, which do you consider more of a threat:
    1) An armed, properly licensed (without a restricted reason to ask for a carry permit like is currently in place) resident that is allowed to carry and does so after proper processing and of course attending whatever mandatory safety courses are put forth or 2) The armed criminal that has no regard for your petition, the existing laws, the safety of you or any children at whatever school, and uses an unlicensed firearm in a criminal act (against you or any other)?

    Read through the police blog, I think you will find your answer: https://twitter.com/DCPoliceDept

    • Max Bernstein

      Sure, #2 is more of a threat, of course! But that wasn’t the main point, at least not for me. I am not opposed to second amendment rights, nor am I partisan. I emphasized this in the interview but it obviously didn’t come
      through. For me the main point of the letter was that the citizens of a locality should decide its laws, not someone who lives thousands of miles away. My friends and neighbors are worried and even if they are wrong they should have a democratic process that allows them to express their concerns to their democratically elected leaders and advocate for local legislation, rather than be subject to a distant Tyrant. In the end I would rather that my Polis ruled itself imperfectly than was subjugated.

      • Jason

        Oh just like the recent gay marriage decision that shot down the many state laws that banned it. Liberals want everything to work in their benefit, regardless of the constitution

  • Dr.OnTheHill

    No, the “Hill Resident” is wrong, we are NOT safer with guns we are less safe both as a nation (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/18/gun-ownership-gun-deaths-study) and also as individuals (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/study-guns-in-home-increase-suicide-homicide-risk/). It may be counter intuitive but it’s simply true: you and those around you are just less safe if there are guns around.

  • districtdenizen

    It’s bitterly ironic this gun law is being forced on us when the second amendment was originally intended to protect us against precisely this kind of external rule.

  • RDnDC

    It’s ironic that an NRA membership ad is on this blog, offering a free camo duffel bag for annual $25 dues. IMHO, NRA fear & smear campaigns have created way too many happy guns owners with ammunition to blow us all into oblivion.
    One of the many reasons we moved into DC was strict gun laws already in place since the 1970s. Much of the US has grown really gun crazy. Here in DC, we (me & Husband & Family) feel safer than other gun tolerant places we’ve visited. A joy similar to an afternoon at a nice nude beach. Please keep DC gun restrictions in place.


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