PHOTOS: Scarlet Oak in Navy Yard Slated to Open Next Week

by Jared Holt July 24, 2015 at 1:20 pm 1,059 5 Comments

A forthcoming restaurant has cleared a major hurdle in its journey to begin serving hamburgers, grilled octopus and homemade pasta in Navy Yard next week.

Scarlet Oak at 909 New Jersey Ave. SE passed its final health inspection yesterday, allowing it to open Wednesday. Peter Lupo, who is running the restaurant with his brother, Anthony, said the inspection was the last hurdle for the eatery before it could open.

“It’s frightening,” Peter said of the inspection. “You try to do it all right, but [have] one thing [wrong], and you can lose a week. With rent, employees waiting and everything, one week can be crushing.”

Anthony and Peter are restaurant industry veterans, who already own Southern Hospitality in Adams Morgan.

Some items from “SoHo,” like fried chicken and short ribs, make a cameo on Scarlet Oak’s menu. But Peter said they’re aiming for a new aesthetic at their Navy Yard restaurant.

Peter said he and his brother are trying to create a comfortable and welcoming space, like Southern Hospitality. Scarlet Oak, however, will be more “food-focused,” he said.

The eatery’s menu will feature American foods like pizza and hamburgers, but also grilled octopus, beef carpaccio and homemade pasta cooked in squid ink.

Although menu items max out at $27, most dinner items cost $20, and sandwiches, salads and small plates all are priced between $10 and $13. House cocktails will cost from $9 to $11.

The restaurant has about 100 seats inside and eventually will have more room for people to sit or stand outside.

There’s also a wall made of scarlet oak wood inside Scarlet Oak. It’s located behind the check-in desk.

“We were approached in the NoMa region, in Georgetown and near the Verizon Center,” Peter said. “But this is the location that really appealed to us. It reminded us of Adams Morgan. It’s really up-and-coming. There’s so much untapped potential down here.”

  • navynardneighbor

    “It reminded us of Adams Morgan. It’s really up-and-coming.” Uh, Navy Yard is nothing like Adams Morgan! Jeez. Clearly they don’t know anything about the neighborhood and the people who live here.
    Also chicken & waffles AND beef carpaccio? This menu is all over the place. I’m a little worried for them.

    • Mike D

      Dont be “worried” for them. Ive known both of them for 30+ yrs and when it comes to restaurants they know what theyre doing. They have successful restaurants in College Park, Fairfax and Adams Morgan. They have awesome food and I have no doubt they will succeed in their new location just as they have in the previous 3.

  • Slim Charles

    Stop acting like the Navy Yard is Rome bro. It isn’t steeped in history like that dun.

  • Vince

    Hey guys! Let’s welcome Charlotte Oak to the neighborhood instead of trying to beat them up. If they really did not study the area do you think they would’ve invested time and effort in opening a restaurant in the area.
    It’s our neighborhood and if we can’t welcome them with a cake or cookies lets at least welcome them with warm words,
    All the best Scarlet Oak, welcome to the neighborhood!

  • Occam’s Chainsaw

    Really? Recondite restaurant receives rude regional reception, remonstrations.


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