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Crowd Attacks, Robs Driver Who Hit Pedestrian Near I-395, Police Say

by Andrew Ramonas August 4, 2015 at 11:20 am 1,942 11 Comments

2nd and E streets NW (Photo via Google Maps)Police are looking for 30 people in connection with a violent robbery of a man who was attacked after he struck a pedestrian with his car near I-395 on Capitol Hill last night, according to authorities.

The robbery happened at 2nd and E streets NW about 11 p.m.  The Community for Creative Nonviolence Homeless Shelter is at the intersection.

The man accidentally hit the pedestrian with his car when he was exiting I-395’s 3rd Street Tunnel, police said. After he got out of his car to check on the person’s condition, several people approached him.

The mob then attacked the man and took some of his belongings.

The man declined medical treatment, according to authorities.

A woman also was robbed at gunpoint in northeast Capitol Hill last night.

The robbery happened on the 400 block of 12th Street NE about 11:15 p.m., police said.

The woman was in the area when a man with a gun approached her and then took her purse.

  • pooter

    Decent, law-abiding people are going to start leaving the city again in droves if this insanity doesn’t abate.

    • WTF

      Yes, it seems like it’s getting quite out of hand. Where the hell are the cops?

    • AR

      Pooter, We were just at the crossroads of choosing to rent yet another year or to finally buy in the District, we overwhelmingly chose to rent, we decided in no way did we want to be tied down to living inside this city more than another year. I’d rather buy in the suburbs and commute an hour each way than worry about being outside in my neighborhood after 10:00 and getting robbed at gunpoint. I feel sad just typing that, but it’s the truth, this summer makes me feel like something bad is on the horizon, and there’s nothing we as citizens can do about it.

      • Oma

        The 1990s are making a comeback!!!!!

        Skinny jeans will soon become out of style yet again.

      • pooter

        Sorry to hear that. I’m hanging in here. Just bought and hoping, hoping, hoping that the new developments in Northeast from Union Market, Ivy City, Florida Ave, H Street etc., will bring some vitality and jobs and other things that help make neighborhoods more safe. I love living in the city and 99 percent (ok maybe 95 percent) of my neighbors are great people who would never jack someone for their cell phone with a gun. But yeah, people keep getting jacked and beaten and shot …people with jobs and something to lose aren’t going to want to live here anymore.

  • Hill Resident

    Mayor/Chief….wake the HILL up and realize you have to do something. I can’t be armed…but sure seems others have no problem pulling guns on residents and robbing them. Just a pathetic response by your offices. Friday morning coffees/community meetings and excuses aren’t welcome, they do nothing. Some action would be nice for a change, but yet we wait…and fall victim.
    Catch 22 for the driver of that car that might very well have hit that pedestrian by accident. Get out of the car/help and end up mugged…or stay in your car and gain some distance from the scene…the MPD might charge you with leaving the scene.
    The Cities response is just sad.

  • Omar


    Finally like CECE.
    Acknowledgement by the police union of the staffing CRISIS.

    I thought it was just staffing issues though I never knew it was a CRISIS.

  • Skeptidc

    The mobbing crime happened one block in front of the US tax court and a few blocks from the US Capitol. What is going on? That corner has been the site of quite a few attacks this summer: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/a-few-blocks-from-the-us-capitol-a-whole-lot-of-people-are-getting-high/2015/06/26/52d2b25e-16ae-11e5-89f3-61410da94eb1_story.html

    Is it so hard to have a stronger police presence on a corner that is more often than not the site of crime?

    The robbery at 12th and E is equally disturbing. I love waking up in the morning to 4-5 crime alerts that happen throughout the night on the Hill. Something needs to be done.

    • AR


      I agree about waking up every morning to find out there were 4 or 5 robberies around my house. I almost regret checking this site every morning because it’s such an awful way to start the day (no offense Hill Now), but unfortunately when it comes to these incidents, ignorance isn’t bliss.
      Am I crazy or has crime just gotten worse on the Hill in the past 2 years on? Seems we had a bit of a quiet spell for a little while..

      • Skeptidc

        I’m not sure if crime is really up that much year over year, but I’m certainly more aware of it. Is that a good thing? I don’t know. Knowing about the crime happening doesn’t prevent me from potentially becoming a victim of it, so maybe ignorance is bliss?

  • smartguynyc

    What’s the point of having gun laws if nobody seems to enforce them against criminals?


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