Armed Robber Strikes in Hill East

by Andrew Ramonas August 6, 2015 at 2:15 pm 9 Comments

1000 block of 12th Street SE (Photo via Google Maps)A thief with a gun robbed a man in Hill East this morning, police said.

The robbery happened on the 1000 block of the 12th Street SE about 2 a.m. The area is about a block from the Potomac Gardens public housing complex.

The victim was sitting in his car when a man came up to him and flashed a gun, according to authorities. The thief then ordered the victim to hand over his cellphone.

After the victim gave up his phone, the robber fled.

The suspect is described as a short-haired man who is about 20 years old.

Photo via Google Maps

  • Excuse me, gypsy

    A short-haired man about 20 you say? Very helpful.

  • pooter

    What’s up with all these dimwits stealing cell phones? How much does a cell phone – ok, an iPhone – go for on the street or at a pawn shop? I guess enough to warrant such low-life behavior. Pathetic.

    • flip phone user

      oh about 2-300 dollars, and since apple isn’t making making the phones theft proof, i mean why would they if yours gets stolen, you most likely will go out and buy another one.

  • BK2H

    I’ll be on the lookout for a short hair man… is that like a short di*k man?


    Times have never been more profitable for street thugs who are in the snatch & run business. Back when my grandmother’s purse was snatched away from her shoulder while shopping downtown in the late 1960s the perp might only score $5 – $10 cash and maybe on a good day $20 cash tops.

    Today’s street thugs can score several hundred dollars with just 1 single iPhone snatch & run.

    • pooter

      Wow – seriously? They can get that much for a used iPhone? Ok, I guess these enterprising entrepreneurs know what they’re doing. lol


        It all depends on the model etc…
        But Apple just made it easier for the street thugs to recognize the latest model by making it larger than the previous models.

  • Sherlock

    Anonymous tip: I saw a bunch of people that match the suspect’s description. They were near 8th and eye only 3-4 blocks away and wearing camo clothing or some sort of ceremonial uniform. It should be easy to pick them out for questioning.

  • AR

    They’ll be bummed with my old iphone that a pawn shop probably won’t even give then $25 for.. Iphone 6’s are huge and a big target, keep your phones in your purses/pockets people, I swear some of you are begging to get robbed, I’m surprised more of you don’t walk into walls the way people never look up from their phones..


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