Club to Fire Cannon in Southwest After Mollifying Locals

by Daniel Levitt August 7, 2015 at 3:45 pm 5 Comments

Capital Yacht Club flag (Photo via Facebook/Capital Yacht Club)A yacht club along the Southwest waterfront has received permission to periodically fire a cannon after agreeing to a plan intended to address locals’ concerns about noise.

Capital Yacht Club at 660 Water St. SW can shoot its “saluting cannon” every Friday at sunset through Nov. 30 and midday on national holidays, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board ruled this week. The cannon, which will be pointed toward the 14th Street Bridge, also will go off for special functions and events, a club spokeswoman said.

After the club moved to its current location from 1000 Water St. SW last year, locals who live aboard boats in the area complained about noise from the cannon, which the organization has fired regularly since 1957.

The residents and the club in June reached an agreement to allow the cannon firing to resume, pending the approval of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. The club, which holds a liquor license, needed the support of the board to use its cannon again.

Under the board’s order, the club must “alert nearby persons in advance of the cannon firing either by the rapid ringing of a bell for a ten second duration from the CYC clubhouse, a horn or whistle blast, or by oral notification” five minutes before it uses the cannon.

Founded in 1892, the club has about 200 members.

Photo via Facebook/Capital Yacht Club

  • Stink Pot

    Hey, this is just good fun and tradition. People need to lighten up. Reminds me of someone who moved next to a church in a small New England town and filed a complaint about the clock’s bell.

  • polopoint

    “Mollifying Locals”
    Oh – ‘mollifying’ . . . . it that what it’s called now?

  • polopoint

    What the writer, and the other poster, don’t seem to know or mention is, unlike actually moving next to a church with a bell in it’s belfry as one might expect to find one, it was the Yacht Club that actually moved. Previously tucked along a slice of the river made impassable via water by the 14th St Bridge and the Long Bridge for rail on one side, and the Case Bridge spans carrying I-395 it would have been a true wonder anyone knew DC had a Yacht Club let alone where it was. Stuck in a no-man’s land with absolutely no neighbors, no wonder no one was bothered by a cannon. Who could hear it?!

    Yet moving it several blocks down river into an area the writer does admit is residential, if only live-aboards and condo dwellers in high rises, a cannon fired will undoubtedly be heard now. So, while mocking the residents the writer could have added that pretty integral piece of detail and the poster would have realized it too before his apples and oranges example he says he was reminded of.

    • Stink Pot

      Lighten up. And it’s just a blank black-powder shot gun shell; calling it a cannon is very generous. The yacht club was adjacent to Phillips and the fish market; not exactly podunk or no-man’s land. Medication for you may be warranted.

      • polopoint

        I didn’t call it a cannon. The writer did.
        And the yacht club was not ‘adjacent’ to Phillips and the fish market, but like I stated on the other side of the dual Case bridges. Reading glasses for you may be warranted. And a map.


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