Chinese Restaurant on Capitol Hill Closed Due to Vermin Infestation, D.C. Health Agency Says

by Andrew Ramonas August 26, 2015 at 11:00 am 3,697 0

A Chinese restaurant about two blocks from the U.S. Capitol is closed for now after a D.C. food safety and hygiene inspector reported observing a “heavy infestation of vermin.”

Hunan Dynasty at 215 Pennsylvania Ave. SE can’t serve customers “until further notice” for presenting “an imminent health hazard(s) to the public,” according to a D.C. Department of Health food establishment closure notice posted on an interior window of the second-floor restaurant yesterday.

The DOH inspector found a “gross insanitary occurrence or condition that may endanger public health including but not limited to heavy infestation of vermin,” according to the agency. A person in charge of the eatery also wasn’t recognized by the District as a “certified food manager,” DOH said.

The agency didn’t immediately provide any further details about the closure. DOH typically releases full reports on restaurant closures within days of its inspections.

A Hunan Dynasty representative couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

A handwritten sign outside of the restaurant this morning said the eatery will reopen Friday.


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