NoMa Residents Seek Help from Councilman Allen to Build Permanent Dog Park

by Sean Meehan September 14, 2015 at 3:00 pm 4 Comments

Lex, a NoMa dog (Photo via Facebook/Dogs of NoMa)

Dog owners in NoMa are looking for Ward 6 Councilman Charles Allen’s help in bringing a permanent dog park to the neighborhood as an empty lot currently serving as an unofficial space for unleashed dogs nears development.

More than 400 people have signed an online petition asking Allen to join the fight to bring a permanent dog park to NoMa. He plans to meet with these residents at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 1 at the makeshift dog park.

NoMa dog owners “have teamed up in the name of their puppies to ask that land for a real dog park be set aside,” said Cari Shane, a dog owner and organizer of the Dogs of NoMa Facebook group. “This friendly group of dog-lovers wants to make sure that the $50 million set aside for parks and art includes land for an official dog park.”

For the past year, NoMa residents have been taking their dogs to the empty lot at 200 K St. NE, beside the Loree Grand apartment building. However, with construction set to start soon on Union Place, a 14-story residential building on that lot, residents are hoping to build a permanent dog park in the area.

Locals note that despite an influx of new people and pets to the neighborhood, NoMa still doesn’t have a park where dogs can run unleashed. In 2013, the D.C. Council established a $50 million fund for parks and art in NoMa. The group of dog owners hopes that Allen and the NoMa Business Improvement District can use this fund to partially pay for a permanent dog park near the residential centers of the neighborhood.

A representative for Allen confirmed today that the councilman does have a community meeting planned for that day. But more information about his stance on the park was not immediately available.

Photo via Facebook/Dogs of NoMa

  • Guest

    If there were a dog park, would dog owners refrain from using every other bit of green space for Fido’s outhouse like they presently do?

    See: Lincoln Park

    • pjl35

      You realize that those are two different neighborhoods, right?

  • GMW

    You cannot make business owners sell their rightfully purchased land to NoMa Bid. It’s not NoMa BID’s fault there are no dog parks and if you actually attended a community or ANC meeting or familiarized yourself with the plans on the NoMaBid homepage you’d realize that they have been working for years with business owners in an attempt to secure open space for humans, and for dogs. Every neighborhood is not going to have a 10,000 sf space for you to drink and socialize while your attention starved dog gets to run around. If you moved to the area and didn’t check around first to see if there was a dog park nearby then it seems you chose your comforts/needs over your dog’s. Reality check: they ain’t making any more land, the land in NoMa is already claimed, and, in a democracy, you can’t claim land by fiat or petition.

  • Instead pumping money into a stupid dog park for stupid dogs, put the money into education! Screw your dogs!!!


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