Crime Roundup: Barracks Row 7-Eleven Robbed by Juvenile Flash Mob

by Sean Meehan — September 24, 2015 at 11:10 am 3 Comments

Crime tape (Photo via Flickr/nullvalue)A group of juveniles stole money from a customer and various items from a Barracks Row 7-Eleven in a flash mob-style robbery, police said.

The robbery occurred about 5 p.m. yesterday at the 7-Eleven on the 400 block of 8th Street SE, according to a police report. The thieves stole various items from the shelves and $20 from a customer who was waiting to make a purchase.

The same 7-Eleven location was robbed in early September in a similar incident involving a group of juveniles.

A man also was assaulted during an attempted robbery last night, according to police.

The man was walking near the intersection of Potomac Avenue SE and 14th Street SE about 7 p.m. when he was approached by another man who demanded his cell phone. When the victim did not hand over his phone, the attacker punched him in the face and fled. DC Fire officials say that the victim was not hospitalized.

Police responded to reports of gunshots at 3 p.m. yesterday in northeast Capitol Hill. The gunshots were heard on the 1600 block of Kramer Street NE near the Rosedale Recreation Center. When police arrived, a man told police he was shot at by an unknown person but was not injured. Around midnight last night, police arrested two suspects that they believe were involved in the shooting.

Photo via Flickr/nullvalue

  • mntodc

    The owners of that 7-11 don’t do anything about the panhandling and criminal element hanging around the entrance, so it becomes an easy target.

  • This was group shoplifting, not a flash mob. Flash mobs are not crimes: http://bit.ly/GSMyqd.

  • smartguynyc

    I would get a very loud alarm panic button that makes an extremely loud noise when pressed — doesn’t have to do anything else, just a loud noise. If such an incident appeared to be starting I’d press right away (before the stealing began). I guarantee you everyone would run out of the store.


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