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POLL: What Should the RFK Stadium Campus Have in the Future?

by Andrew Ramonas — September 29, 2015 at 11:05 am 16 Comments

RFK Stadium (Photo via Wikimedia/MSGT KEN HAMMOND)

The organization managing the RFK Stadium campus is scheduled tomorrow to host its second meeting with the public on what to do with the land in the coming years.

The gathering, set for 6 to 9 p.m. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (801 Mt. Vernon Place NW), is intended to give locals another opportunity to share ideas about what they would like to see on the RFK grounds in the future.

Events DC, which oversees the stadium, D.C. Armory and surrounding property, also held a meeting earlier this month soliciting suggestions for the land. Many locals pushed for green space, including athletic fields and parks.

But the organization has not ruled out a proposal to bring the Redskins back to the property despite significant resistance from residents who live near the area.

What should the RFK campus have in the future? You can weigh in through the poll and in the comments.

Photo via Wikimedia/MSGT KEN HAMMOND

  • anon

    Park/green space is overwhelmingly what community wants. Stadiums are what mayor and developers want. Who do you think will prevail?

  • Joseph

    I live three blocks from RFK since 2010 and I love the area. I can not wait for a huge improvement in this area!

    1. Washington Football belongs to Washington, D.C. just like other sports (Nationals, Wizards, Capitals, and DC United, and so many).

    2. There are many resides that desired for recreation complex by RFK area, and it is a PERFECT location. That will develop a sense of great community nearby in Rosedale area and others.

    DO IT! 🙂

    • PC

      Surprising that a visioning meeting to discuss the future of what the RFK neighborhood could be takes place at the Convention Center in NW…

      • disqus_qiOGy8YixM

        It was briefly mentioned in the article, but 2 weeks ago there was a meeting held in Hill East for the neighborhood to participate in. This one is at the convention center to attract opinions District-wide.

  • Anthony

    The footprint of and around the stadium, which is both metro and 295 accessible should be a central hub for what would be a revived Hill East. There’s no reason why the current RFK site couldn’t transform into a mix of commercial, residential, and recreational space – space that would give residents access to the river, space that would bring much needed commercial options to Hill East, and space that would be used year round.

    • Brian

      That’s already happening at Reservation 13 – the former DC General campus that is adjacent to RFK.

  • OhWelll

    I really do not want to give Dan Snyder that much money and space for 8 actual games per year. It make sense for the NBA, MLB, and NHL. You get more use throughout the year through both the leagues and concerts, but NFL stadiums are a boondoggle.

    If they don’t at least offer an infill metro station on Oklahoma Avenue and rip up one of the large parking lots near the stadium, this should be a non-starter for local residents. Why would you want 8 days of traffic hell, the loss of a billion dollars of public funds to a billionaire, and a paved eye sore that sits empty the other 355 days or so (give or take a bowl game or US Soccer event)? Not to mention the awful name…

  • Call the stadium “up and coming’, install a retractable roof and watch the white folk move in.

  • Hill resident

    How about more city? I know it is federal land designated for recreational use, but the Mayor should push to have that changed. We desperately need more housing in this city and here is a huge tract of land on the metro. Yes build an appropriately sized park and sports fields, but it is a huge waste to make this all green space. We need more city. Not an enormous and sparsely attended park.

  • Resident K

    Lighted athletic fields are a must, that is a no brainer and so I won’t go in to why they are important for the community. What is even more critical is an indoor sports complex. DC Gov officials always want to talk about how DC is a world class city. Well, let me say I have been around the world and DC is the only nation’s capital that does NOT have an indoor sports center. London, Paris Rome, Berlin, Rio, Tokyo, etc, these are world class capitals and they all have indoor facilities for the community to use year round, paid for by public money. We have rec centers that cater to 1-2 sports or activities, but what about a total sports facility that caters to all the following: futsal, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, volleyball, badminton, martial arts, yoga, swimming, flag football, lacrosse, etc. A multi tiered indoor complex with multi sports turf fields and snap tile courts can cater to all this year round in a safe, climate controlled complex that everyone can enjoy playing and watching their sport. This is what is greatly missing in DC and until we get such a complex built, DC will never be considered a world class city.

  • Neighbor

    John Oliver explains why stadiums are BAD for cities. http://youtu.be/xcwJt4bcnXs And green space for a growing families…I know politicians don’t actually legislate around family values. But keeping families in the city is good for everyone

  • marsh225

    “Hill resident” hit the nail on the head: the District (heck, the entire region) desperately needs more housing, especially if there’s hope for continued economic growth. That said, the 100+ acres that are out of the 100-year floor plain represent an enormous opportunity to introduce new housing (of all shapes and sizes), along with all the neighborhood-serving retail we existing residents would love. The other 80 acres in the floodplain are precisely the areas in which we can *also* include the sought-after open green space. But, again, this is a great opportunity to simply build more city.

  • Hill mom

    We need affordable housing desperately. There is room for that plus green spaces. NO stadium – what a waste that would be of this amazing opportunity

  • RE

    Events DC conveniently does not have this meeting on their calendar at the Convention Center. I think green space and parks would be worth more to the residents of D.C. than subsidizing a stadium for a billionaire. Columbus, OH and Chicago both have outdoor rock wall installations that have been a fantastic at bringing people together. This is what the area needs, not the current vacant parking lots and occasional tailgates. Stadiums are generally a losing economic proposition for cities, let’s be smart with our tax dollars and focus on the needs of DC’s residents.
    Please make your voice heard!

  • anon

    In addition to green space, the Redskins could be the anchor for development of restaurants and housing. The location is perfect being right at a Metro Station. Fewer people would need to drive to get to games. There are only 10 games in the season so the stadium could be used for other things, festivals, concerts. etc. Look what the Nats did for near Southeast…it’s a whole new vibrant neighborhood.

  • deena ackerman

    My son played for Capital FC for years and had a wonderful experience. We live in Arlington, but you should know that it is not uncommon for children to play sports in communities besides their own (different clubs and coaches have different personalities) and DC is just the next town over for us. DC children and the adults who love them need space to run around and play sports – organized recreational sports, more competitive sports, and pick-up sports. They need well-tended fields and just plain old green space in order to lead fit and balanced lives. Their clubs need the ability to schedule practices at reasonable hours on lit fields. Not all children play football. Not all children play on teams with access to the prep school facilities.

    Also, there are other clubs in the region filled with recreational athletes – Rugby, Australian Rules Football, kickball, Cricket… and many, many more. These groups struggle to get space to play. Clearly we need more fields down town.

    The Redskins already have a field to play on. DC will receive no benefit from spending money on the Redskins. Only the Redskins will benefit and they are already doing fine.


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