‘Exorcism Estate,’ ‘Slaughter Factory’ Set to Open on RFK Campus

by Jennifer Currier September 30, 2015 at 3:15 pm 1 Comment

District residents: Prepare to be scared on the RFK Stadium grounds.

Scream City is making its debut in RFK Stadium’s Parking Lot 8 Friday. The Halloween attraction will include two fully enclosed haunted houses called “Exorcism Estate” and “Slaughter Factory.”

The attraction’s producers focused their efforts on the science of scares and playing on deep-rooted human fears, including claustrophobia and uneasiness about the dark, according to Scream City representative Rachael Glaws. The production company recommends no one under the age of 13 attend, and parents should use their discretion when choosing to bring their children.

Exorcism Estate will tell the story of a Halloween night in 1874 with the birth of a child thought to be a powerful demon of Satan, who unleashed her power on her family and their Victorian mansion.

Slaughter Factory will take visitors into a meat factory that closed 30 years ago when an owner went insane and started slaughtering his employees instead of animals.

More than 300 actors draped in gore will portray these scenes for the full 40 minutes or so it takes to walk through each haunted house. Glaws described the haunts as “talent-heavy,” with minimal use of animatronics.

“We will attack all of your senses and fears,” said production director Mike Lado, who is also the “mayor of Scream City.” “When we say it’s not for children, we mean it.”

These haunts are from the minds behind Field of Screams Maryland, which is entering it’s 14th season. Last year, it won A&E Channel’s Haunted House Design/Build Competition, with the network deeming it one of the best haunted attractions in the United States.

In its inaugural year, Scream City is dedicated to deeply frightening visitors, without apologies.

“Scream City was designed, produced and now operated at the level of anything you will see at Disney or Hollywood, but much more edgy, raw and terrifying,” Lado said.

The attraction will open every Friday and Saturday from now until Nov. 1, with additional days and hours as Halloween approaches. Tickets are on sale online for $30 to $40, with one ticket granting admission to both haunted houses.

French fries, funnel cake, marshmallow treats and other snacks also will be for sale on site — at least for visitors who have the stomach to eat.

Video via YouTube/Scream City/Steelhead Productions


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