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Councilman Allen Optimistic About Streetcar Service Beginning This Year

by Andrew Ramonas October 1, 2015 at 2:00 pm 3 Comments

Streetcar on H Street NE

Councilman Charles Allen of Ward 6 said last night he is “hopeful” that streetcars on H Street and Benning Road NE will start picking up passengers before 2016.

Allen, whose ward includes the H Street corridor, told Hill Now that he regularly sees crews testing the streetcars and the vehicles appear ready to take the public for rides soon. But he said passenger service this year isn’t certain.

“It’s certainly my hope that it’s open by the end of the year,” said Allen, who has fought to keep the streetcar project on track.

Last month, Bowser suggested that the streetcars will start ferrying the public down H Street and Benning Road this year, saying she’ll take the streetcar during the first year of her administration, Washington City Paper reported.

The District started installing streetcar tracks in 2009.

  • RightOffTheBat

    meh. . .

  • Hill Resident

    Picking up passengers to where? The drug store, the bars, the crime ridden H-Street corridor? This entire streetcar system is a dumpster fire. Who is going to ride this tram that can’t walk a few blocks? Ridership is going to be low and this will have very little ROI (Return On Investment) but still suck away my tax dollars to support. Cut our losses, trash the street car and push that money toward MPD and hire more police. There…I said it.

  • Karin

    The streetcar is a farce and we have been told it will start running for so many years that it is a joke. From the beginning, It was poorly planned, horribly implemented and a waste of taxpayer dollars. The latest thing is that they had to re-do some of the stops because the doors scraped against them. I wonder how much that cost the taxpayer and who, if anyone, will ever be held responsible for not measuring correctly and huge fleecing of the taxpayer? Taxpayers have been paying to store and maintain the original cars which were built in the Czech Republic. Someone finally “wised up” and bought more cars from Oregon for the streetcar to nowhere. At least an American business profited from that move, but now we have two different types of cars. Maybe metric vs. English measurement differences are the cause of the scraping doors. They have been testing for over a year and we keep hearing that passenger operations are a few months away. I doubt they will recoup even 1 percent of what has been spent on this. How will they ensure that people pay their fares? While the honor system may work in Prague or Vienna, it will not work along H. Please do not spend any more money on this boondoggle.


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