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Video of Young Black Man Detained By White Police Officers on Capitol Hill Sparks Protest

by Andrew Ramonas October 13, 2015 at 3:00 pm 10 Comments

Justice for Jason demonstration

(Updated at 7:10 p.m.) A video of two white police officers detaining a young black man in D.C. sparked a demonstration that temporarily closed streets on Capitol Hill and in Navy Yard this afternoon.

About two dozen demonstrators marched from the “Blue Castle” building on 8th Street SE to the Citibank at 600 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, near where the young man was detained yesterday. Jason, whose age and last name couldn’t immediately be confirmed, was put in handcuffs after authorities received a report that three individuals might be trying to rob people at the bank’s ATM.

When police responded to the scene, the young man ran, according to authorities. Officers eventually took him down and handcuffed him after police said he resisted.

The video posted on Twitter yesterday shows Jason wearing headphones and lying on the ground as two officers tried to put his hands behind his back. The young man screamed and said he was “not resisting.”

The footage ended after the person filming the encounter was told to back off by a third officer. That person also was detained as police investigated.

Neither Jason nor the person filming him were arrested, according to authorities.

The demonstrators today shouted “justice for Jason” and held a sign saying, “Shame on MPD,” as they marched and police watched nearby. But Jason didn’t appear to be in attendance.

Local activist Aaron Goggans, who was among the demonstrators, said he came out to show his support for Jason after he saw police “brutally twisting his arm” on the video.

“I have questions about everything,” he said.

  • km

    This wasn’t the exact chain of events….Jason and his friends were in Citibank waiting to use the ATM…there was a separate incident nearby…A couple in the bank also called around the same time saying they were suspicious of Jason and his friends. The cops came and immediately accused them of involvement in the separate robbery attempt. Basically…cops assumed any black teen in the area would do as a culprit. This has to stop.

    • hillnow


      • §83(b)

        Thanks for the clarity. That is textbook cause for a Terry stop.

    • §83(b)

      According to your sources, is the report that “one of the three individuals” (likely meaning Jason) ran accurate?

    • Fed Up

      Violence against Hill residents need to stop. Who do you think is committing all this?

  • bereal

    Just another example of some fool thinking he can get away with not listening to what a police officer has to say. If a cop asks you to put your hand behind your back, guess what you should do. Put your damn hands behind your back. If you are innocent, you got nothing to worry about and everything will get cleared up and you go home. Gotta be oh I don’t have to listen to no damn police. And that’s just the damn attitude that’s gonna get you in bigger trouble than you asked for.

    • Big C

      ” If you are innocent, you got nothing to worry about and everything will get cleared up and you go home.”

      There are several hundred exonerations from the judicial system that beg to differ.

  • Hillrez

    So the police detained a suspicious individual and people have a problem with that? Where are these fools when over the last few days there have been half a dozen armed robberies within a mile of this perpetrated by people fitting the same description.

    • AR

      You know where those people were? Not on the Hill I bet… I wonder just how many of those protesters actually live in this area.

  • AR

    With all the robberies and muggings as of late, even if he wasn’t doing anything wrong at the moment, running makes it seem like he has warrants or is already a suspect in something else. There’s no denying that..


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