Pet of the Week: Frack

by Sponsor October 20, 2015 at 1:35 pm 0

Frack is the Hill Pet of the Week. He’s the first fish to win Pet of the Week, and he was originally adopted from a carnival at RFK Stadium. Since then, he’s been swimming around a Hill East aquarium. Here’s his biography, allegedly written by Frack himself and shared by his owner Laural Veloz:

My name is Frack, I’m a once orphaned goldfish adopted from the carnival at RFK stadium along with my brother Frick.  Sadly, my brother didn’t make the transition from the carnival life as well as I did. Frick passed away shortly after coming home, but I am a true fighter and am thriving in a fifteen gallon aquarium in Hill East, thanks to my new parents.  And there is even talk of a larger aquarium as I continue to grow.  Did you know that the goldfish like me that you adopt at a carnival can grow as big as a foot long?  And did you know that I can live some twenty-five to thirty years if my parents take good care of me?

Without my brother Frick to play with, my parents felt the need to give me some companionship so they also adopted two snails named Smith and Wesson.  Thanks to my new friends I have grown from a shy little guppy to a happy well adjusted goldfish that loves to photo bomb pictures when my mom and dad are trying to take snapshots of my aquarium mates.  I am always waving my fins and wearing a big gulping smile when my parents arrive home each night. I can never get enough to eat and often trick my dad into feeding me more even after mom has already given me dinner.  I enjoy swimming through rocks, bubbling and chasing Smith and Wesson.

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Photo courtesy of Laural Veloz


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