Man Pleads Guilty to Breaking Into Ex-Girlfriend’s Apartment, Stabbing Three

by Sean Meehan October 27, 2015 at 11:40 am 2 Comments

D.C. Superior Court Moultrie courthouse (Photo via Flickr/ Ken Lund)A man from Maryland pleaded guilty yesterday to assault with intent to kill after breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s Capitol Hill apartment and stabbing three people.

Ernest Johnson, 21, broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment on the 1500 block of F Street NE on August 15 about 4:30 a.m., according to prosecutors. Once in the apartment, Johnson stabbed his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend and her grandmother multiple times.

Another person who was sleeping in the apartment stopped the attack by hitting Johnson with a vacuum cleaner, causing him to drop his knife and flee. Johnson was arrested on August 20.

The attack left all three victims with serious injuries. Johnson’s ex-girlfriend was stabbed almost 30 times and was hospitalized for almost two months and is partially paralyzed. Her new boyfriend, who was stabbed at least once in the head, suffered seizures, memory issues and headaches. Her grandmother was hospitalized for nine days with injuries to her throat.

Photo via Flickr/ Ken Lund

  • Pierre Mulberry

    I was astonished to learn last week that a man who shot a youth point blank in the stomach was sentenced to only five years: https://www.hillnow.com/2015/10/19/man-sentenced-to-five-years-in-prison-for-hill-east-shooting/

    The eventual sentencing of this maniac — any guesses? I’m guessing a mere 3 years — will be further telling about why violent crime (and nonviolent crime) is so prevalent in Washington, DC. This man purposely intruded into the sacred space of another person and, once there, nearly killed three human beings. He was given a chance to be a reasonable person similar to the vast majority of people in our city. But he failed. And that was his choice. In so doing, he forfeited society’s trust in him and should never regain that trust. The potential consequences — death of innocent people — are too great. He should be locked up for the rest of his life.

  • dlg

    Hopefully at least 20 years imprisonment for this criminal.


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