Update: CAIR Offices Cleared After Suspicious Substance Found Not Dangerous

by Sean Meehan December 10, 2015 at 3:30 pm 7 Comments

CAIR (Photo via Instagram/ CAIR_national)(Updated at 3:30 p.m.) The suspicious substance that was found at the Council on American-Islamic Relations earlier today was found to be not dangerous and has been handed over to the FBI, according to D.C. Fire and EMS.

Employees are now being allowed back into the building now that the substance has been handed over.

Employees of the Council on American-Islamic Relations had to evacuate their Capitol Hill office earlier after receiving a suspicious envelope containing powder.

The envelope was discovered just after noon today, at which point the office at 453 New Jersey Ave. SE was evacuated.

Several employees were exposed to the powder and were quarantined while hazmat officials tested the substance.

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  • YeahOkayBuddy

    Ya know, it’s much harder to denounce and fight terrorism that targets us as a society when we, as a society, immediately turn to acts of terrorism ourselves out of xenophobic and paranoid rage. This feeds directly into an Islamic terrorist recruiter’s narrative and is literally the height of hypocrisy

    • Guest

      yeah, just hug it out, Bro!

      • YeahOkayBuddy

        So you’re a terrorist sympathizer, then? How incredibly American of you.

        • #pwned

          I merely said to hug it out, bro, and you think I’m a terrorist sympathizer? Interesting bias revealed in your answer there.
          Tell me, please, how an “incredibly American” person should act and think? I’d like to be a better American!!!

          • YeahOkayBuddy

            Cry me a friggen river, bro. The condescending & asinine tone of your original comment was meant to deflect from the point that people who agree with this are supporters of terrorism. The only people who deflect are: a.) people who need to change the subject because they are in a corner logically and have nothing else to say or b.) stupid people who don’t realize they are stupid. I didn’t need to see any more from you. If you don;t like being called out on crap then don’t post asinine and condescending crap. Real simple solution

          • YeahOkayBuddy

            But, if you really must know, not sympathizing with terrorism would be a good start.


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