All You Need to Know About Capitol Hill Auto Shipping

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Historic rowhouses

Are you moving to the Capitol Hill area and need to have your vehicle shipped? Capitol Hill, affectionately called “The Hill” by locals, is one of the oldest, and most well-known, areas in Washington. The local area has grown from a small community that was once home only to members of Congress. Today, it is home to a wide array of people that include not only senators and other government workers, but attorney’s, architects, artists and also musicians and many others that enjoy living in a beautiful area with streets lined with trees and spectacular Victorian homes where the Capitol can be seen from every street in the neighborhood.

There are so many exciting things to do when you live on The Hill. Entertainment ranging from nightclubs and restaurants to museums, art galleries, sports arenas and much more as well as trips to see the Supreme Court, White house and the Capitol are always a fun thing for families and people of all ages. While Capitol Hill is very foot friendly for locals, you will also want to have your car so you can travel to and from locations outside of the neighborhood. The metro train and city buses are available, but nothing beats driving your own vehicle and really seeing the sights and what the city has to offer.

Why You Should Use Auto Transport

Driving a car is a great way to sightsee and get from Point A to Point B when you are traveling locally. It is not, however, the best way to move a car a long distance from one state to another. Fortunately, when you are moving to or from Capitol Hill, you can hire a professional auto transport company to take care of moving your vehicle for you. If you have never shipped a car before, you may want to know when as well as why it is best to use auto transport than drive on your own.

Moving — If you are moving for a new job, school, marriage or any other reason you will need to figure out how you will get your car to the Capitol Hill area. You may have considered driving it, but driving, especially a long distance, can be very expensive as well as tiring. The cost of fuel, hotels and even stress can be very draining to your wallet as well as your mind. Hiring a professional auto transport company can alleviate stress and save you money in the long run.

Auto Dealership — If you are an auto dealer in the Capitol Hill area, you already know why auto transport is a valuable resource for your business. Whether you are shipping new or used cars to a different business location, to a customer or to an auction, auto transport is easily the most affordable as well as the safest way to move the vehicles you need to move.

Vacation — Capitol Hill is the perfect place to live and raise a family but it is also a great place for an extended vacation. If you are planning to spend time in the area you will want to have your car shipped in as well to make it easier to drive around the D.C. area and see the sights that are out of walking distance. The metro and the bus lines can only take a person so far and after that, you will really need to have a car to explore the area in depth. Shipping your car allows you to relax while on vacation and not have to worry about driving and wasting precious time that you could be spending having fun in the area.

Selling a Car — If you live in Capitol Hill already and need to get your car to a buyer several cities or states away, or if you live outside of the area and need to get a car to a buyer that lives in Capitol Hill, auto transport is the best way to get the car where it needs to be. If you are selling the car it makes sense to ship the car instead of driving as you will not have to worry about finding a way back to your city or state after the car has been delivered. Taking a bus or flying can be a completely unnecessary expense that you will not need to worry about when you ship the car instead of driving it. Using auto transport will allow you as well as the buyer to use GPS tracking and stay in touch with the company or driver during transport so they will know where their new car is with real time data online.

Luxury Cars — Many people that live in the Capitol Hill area have beautiful luxury model Mercedes, BMW’s, Jaguar’s and other high end cars. The safest way to get a luxury vehicle to the area is going to be by having it transported safely in an enclosed carrier or even having it top-loaded on an open carrier. Driving a great distance will risk damage to the car and will also greatly lower the overall value as the mileage races up and the engine suffers unnecessary wear and tear. You will want to keep your car fully protected from the elements so it will remain exquisite for your drives through the area.

A1 Auto transportNow you can see that there are quite a few reasons that people need to use auto transport to get a vehicle to Capitol Hill as well as many reasons why professional transport is safer as well as more economical. When you need to ship your car, you can contact A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. and they will make sure your car is taken care of and that you get the best rate available to go with the highest quality auto transport service in the industry. A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. specializes in auto transport, outstanding customer service and shipping cars for low cost and high quality service.

When you have your car transported it will be inspected, loaded and transported with excellent care and using the safest carriers and loading techniques in the business. You can use auto transport to ship a car to or from any location globally to or from Capitol Hill and you will have a couple of options on how to ship.

Types of Auto Transport

Residents of Capitol Hill are used to seeing large carriers rolling into the area loaded with new and used cars. You can usually choose from the following common ways to transport a car to or from the neighborhood:

Open Auto Transport — Open auto transport is the fastest way to ship a car via interstate auto transport. Vehicles are driven onto a large transporter and then safely secured in place for shipment. A transporter like this can carry up to 12 cars at one time and is generally the least expensive way to ship a car. It is well suited for daily drivers and most standard cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Larger vehicles may need to be hauled on a flatbed or in an enclosed container.

Enclosed Auto Transport — Enclosed auto transport, or containerized transport, is usually utilized for high end cars and trucks or motorcycles, classic cars, sports cars and muscle cars or other luxury vehicles. Automobiles are loaded into a sealed environment and then transported to the new location. Enclosed shipments are going to cost more than open shipments but for the overall security of a luxury car shipping to or from Capitol Hill, an enclosed environment is going to be the safest way to transport the car and keep it in pristine condition during shipment.

Many people choose to walk through the neighborhood in Capitol Hill as they explore the area, head out to dinner or dancing or take the family pet for a walk. The Hill is a very pedestrian friendly area. If you plan on staying close to home a great deal of time, you may want to consider placing your car in a storage facility once it arrives. This way, the car is nearby and will be accessible to you at all times but it will remain in a safe and secure location until you need it for travel outside of the immediate area.

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