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Morning Rundown

by Sean Meehan February 1, 2016 at 10:25 am 3 Comments

Houses on G Street SE

Metro Transit Police Investigating Thursday Attack on Red Line Metro Train — Metro is investigating after a man reported that he was attacked by a group of teenagers on a Red Line Metro train Thursday afternoon. The group of teens reportedly boarded the train at the NoMa-Gallaudet University station about 4:30 p.m. and harassed several passengers. [Washington Post, Washington City Paper]

Southwest Residents Raise Concerns About Buzzard Point Development — As development brings more people to Buzzard Point, residents want to make sure that the area is prepared with transit options and public spaces. [Hill Rag]

Monthly Capitol Hill Area ANC Meeting Roundup — Hill Rag takes a look at what happened last month with Capitol Hill area ANCs, including 6A6B6C and 6D. [Hill Rag]

  • Enough is Enough

    The CityPaper’s article has much more detail on the mob of “youths.” Want to see part of the problem? Kenyan McDuffie of the Judiciary Committee. The Mayor put forth a crime package that, among other things, called for increased penalties for violent crimes on public transit. McDuffie tanked it due to it being a “step backwards in terms of enlightened criminology.”
    WTF???? Why don’t you take a ride on the X2 bus or be around when one of these mobs F’s with you, THEN talk to me about your “enlightened criminology” methods. You know what would work? A reverse mob that kicks the living s**t out of these pieces of garbage. Newsflash for McDuffie: you know what works? Consequences!

    • Patrick Division

      DC should eliminate the free Metro rides for DCPS students. Or at least make it a benefit for those who actually attend classes and earn a C average or better. Or, you know, actually punish criminal behavior.

  • Hill Resident

    There you all go again, blaming the criminal. Don’t you folks know that these poor teenagers are victims? I mean, clearly every morning when these choirboys walk down public streets paid for with your tax dollars, ride public buses paid for with your tax dollars, and “attend” public schools paid for with your tax dollars, these boys are suffering! And we are to blame! The world has just been so cruel to them. I mean, their iphones and nikes are from last season (gasp!), for crying out loud! If only they could live in a random town with WAY more opportunity and free (to them) public support in, say, Bangladesh, Honduras, or Ethiopia. Then these sad gentlemen wouldn’t be so “underprivileged” and prone to lashing out. Hmm, perhaps we could give them more free stuff? I think that that would make things a lot better.


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