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Taser-Wielding Robbers Strike in Hill East

by Andrew Ramonas February 25, 2016 at 12:00 pm 3 Comments

500 block of 14th Street SE (Photo via Google Maps)Thieves with a stun gun robbed a woman in Hill East yesterday afternoon, police said.

The robbery happened on the 500 block of 14th Street SE about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. The area is about a block north of the Potomac Avenue Metro station.

A woman was walking in the vicinity when two men and two women approached her, according to authorities. One of the individuals then pulled out a Taser, shocking the victim on one of her hands.

The group of people soon after ordered the woman to hand over her shoes and cash, which she did. They then fled toward the Potomac Gardens public housing complex.

Police haven’t released detailed descriptions of the suspects.

Photo via Google Maps

  • Hill Resident

    MPDC does a good job tweeting the demographics of the criminals. No surprise that those demographics almost always are the same. I wish that MPDC also would tweet the demographics of the victims. I highly doubt that those statistics would surprise. If the criminal-victim demographics were reversed, then we’d have Al Sharpton et al, dozens of Democratic Members of Congress, teams of talking heads, and probably the Mayor and the entire DC City Council crying racial terrorism. But the demographics are what they are — and they are undeniable — and so those of us who don’t spend our days mugging/raping/murdering strangers are left with inadequate protection as we walk the streets in fear. Now criminals are tasering people in the streets? When will this “progressive” city get serious about protecting its citizens? When a pregnant woman miscarries because she got tasered for her shoes? When a stray bullet hits a child? Oh wait, that one already happened.

    • Another HIll Resident

      The victim in this case was an African-American female.
      Does that surprise you?

      • Hill Resident

        Yes, it does surprise me. No doubt people of various races, genders, and ages have been victims/perpetrators of crimes on the Hill. But I highly doubt that the majority/minority victim demographics for random street muggings would surprise. I acknowledge too that two of the criminals in this instance were female, whereas we know that the majority of random street muggings on the Hill are committed by males. Statistical minorities always exist. Anyhow, my earlier post probably was written with too harsh a tone. I’m not trying to instigate demographic warfare; rather, I simply wish that the demographics of criminality on the Hill were more openly discussed, because (1) there are undeniable patterns (at least on the criminal side; I very well might be wrong on the victim side) and (2) I do not believe that the problem can be solved without engaging more truthfully and actively with the root demographic statistics.


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