First District Warned of ‘Nicely Dressed’ Scammer Named ‘Bruce’

by Tim Regan March 7, 2016 at 12:00 pm 1 Comment

police car3A scammer who wears a suit and a tie and calls himself “your neighbor Bruce” is reportedly swindling locals out of cash and Metro cards.

Mark Beach, Assistant Patrol District Commander for MPD’s First District, warned locals of the ruse in an email sent over the district’s listserv Friday.


The First Police District was made aware of suspicious activity occurring in our community that involves an individual identifying himself as “your neighborBruce“, a nicely dressed (suit and tie) adult male who claims to live around the corner asking to use your phone to call around to various neighbors who had copies of his house key.

This subject “Bruce” claims to have gone outside to empty the cats litter box and his door blew closed, locking him out of his house with his keys, wallet, and phone left inside. He further explains that he has a spare set of keys in his car which he left in Springfield, Virginia and that he could Metro to Franconia and take a taxi to his car if you would loan him some money. He has been successful in obtaining both cash and Metro Fare Cards from caring and compassionate neighbors.

A man named “Gene” with a similar story reportedly swindled locals in Shaw last month.

Locals are encouraged to call police if they see “Bruce” and provide “a detailed description” or a photo of the man, if possible.

“We strongly urge you not to allow this individual in your home or car and do not advocate handing over your phone for this individual to make calls,” Beach concluded in his e-mail to residents. “Again please call 9-1-1 immediately.”


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