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POLL: Which RFK Redevelopment Plan Do You Support?

by Andrew Ramonas — April 5, 2016 at 11:05 am 10 Comments

RFK Stadium (Photo via Wikimedia/MSGT KEN HAMMOND)

The organization managing the RFK Stadium campus last night officially revealed what it might do with the property in the coming years.

Events DC announced it has three general ideas for the 190-acre site:

  • Build a 65,000-seat National Football League stadium for the Redskins.

  • Build a 20,000-seat sports arena that could host the Wizards and Capitals, replacing the Verizon Center.

  • Build no professional sports facilities, but construct a concert hall, aquarium or other cultural attractions.

Which redevelopment plan do you support? You can weigh in through the poll and in the comments.

Photo via Wikimedia/MSGT KEN HAMMOND

  • Jeff_DC

    Bring a world class football / futbol stadium to the space. Maintain the iconic “circle” on East Cap. Move the Armory out to FedEx Field.

    NFL would only disrupt my neighborhood a handful if weekends a season. A few other high caliber events throughout the year / World Cup year / Olympic year would be a great draw!

  • All The Way

    Taxpayer dollars should not be used to subsidize owners of sporting teams. These teams are a multibillion-dollar business and should flip the bill for their own stadiums.

  • mattringo

    I like the idea of bringing the Wizards and Caps with the smaller footprint that an NBA/NHL arena needs, along with public recreation and green spaces. We do have a lot of space over there.

  • Anthony J. Shaw

    Someone did a helluva job photoshopping the color of the Anacostia River. Kudos.

  • Hill East Resident

    Using taxpayer dollars to support arenas never pays off. There’s a lot of economic research to support that. Plus, Hill East is not the neighborhood for a major sporting arena. We don’t have and shouldn’t have the kind of bars and restaurants that sports fans want post game. We shouldn’t become the next Navy Yard. With two arenas already in Navy Yard, all of the parking and the auxiliary services, it makes sense to keep those activities compacted so that they can take advantage of the built infrastructure. Plus, whatever happened to the long-range plan to make the Anacostia River parks an extension of the National Mall? A new zone for museums and monuments to reliever our cluttered Mall? Final thought: Neither the Mall nor Rock Creek Park are really great parks for Washingtonians. We need more spaces for the residents – cultural venues, fields, etc, that cater to us, not tourists. Let’s not lose the chance for more open, green space.

  • Resident

    None of the above. Dispose of/purchase the land like Reservation 13. Plan and build more city (including parks in the flood plains)

    I wish we had as much desire to plan and building housing as we did for setting the blueprints of an Olympic bid. Sad!

  • internet tourettes

    None of the above: Professional sport arena’s are a waste of space and money. Additional cultural venues are not needed either, DC has tons of private and public spaces for concerts and theater. I guess that Events DC is just looking for another reason to grow bigger. The Park service should revoke their lease with the demolition of RFK so that they can’t propose any more hair brained schemes….

    This land (along with Reservation 13 and DC general) should have limited development (low/middle/high income housing with a little retail) and a lot of open space. The area is a flood plane so the river banks shouldn’t be developed.

  • Resident

    hill east is one of the last semi-affordable neighborhoods in dc with a residential feel. don’t put a massive stadium there. invest in local businesses and more residential space and city parks.

  • Hill Resident

    I’d rather see a professional sports facility in a part of the city that is zoned commercial.This spot is a largely residential and lacks the restaurants, bars and shops that would enhance the fan experience and generate more tax revenue for the city. The Verizon Center is an example of a successful venue. This area makes more sense for additional housing, the location for new monuments or memorials, sports facilities for locals, and parks.

  • Darroll Screen

    I support a sports arena that could host the Wizards and Capitals along with some cultural attractions. There’s plenty of space for all 3. I attend a lot of sporting events so 2 major teams playing within walking distance of my home would be amazing. I’m actually one of those people who would love the ‘Skins to return to DC, however I think VA has the deal in the bag.


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