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D.C. to Clear Out Kids’ ‘Plastic Park’ Near Eastern Market Metro

by Andrew Ramonas May 11, 2016 at 3:35 pm 12 Comments

Plastic Park (Photo via Google Maps)

A collection of plastic play equipment and toys near the Eastern Market Metro station is on its way out.

The District is removing the Eastern Market Metro Park’s “plastic park” near Pennsylvania Avenue and 9th Street SE, according to an Eastern Market Metro Community Association email sent to locals this afternoon.

It wasn’t immediately clear when the play area, also known as the “guerilla playground,” will disappear. But D.C. officials will provide one week’s notice before they take it away.

Photo via Google Maps

  • Lindsay

    no one calls it guerilla playground. Locals call it the “isle of misfit toys.”

    • JMS

      Exactly. We called it the Toy Graveyard.

      • suspicious_package

        We call it the clando playground. Or sometimes Maurice, because it speaks of the pompatus of love.

  • Anne Hultgren

    What? Why?

  • Lyndsey Fifield

    About damn time. It reeks in summer, no children EVER go near it. Most equipment is broken or full of stagnant water and dead leaves.

    • suspicious_package

      Our kids go near it. They love to play on it.

    • Julie

      Kids are always playing on it. It’s the homeless that congregate around the toys that smell.

  • RDMT

    I’d rather see less homelessness and litter in that park. Those toys don’t hurt anyone.

  • Chris

    This is where Fisher price toys go to die.

  • RDnDC

    Put in a real park for children & all to safely enjoy.

  • Teri

    Good to see all the kid haters. Those toys are used most every weekday and many weekends. I met parents and kids on the site all weekend. If you see standing water in a park what stops you from dumping it besides your hatred for children and disdain for homeless? I’d rather sit with them than most of the below commenters. There is no place on Capitol Hill for this pettyness and I hope y’all are those pesky transients that keep it moving out of our neighborhood. Bye!

  • Taylor

    No the nannies are the ones that named that park, because we are the one that made it a park and we call it plastic park


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