Pet-Wise: We’ve Had a Love Affair With Your Neighbors Since 2000

by June 14, 2016 at 2:55 pm 0

Saving Grace Petcare

This sponsored column is written by Bonny King-Taylor, director of training and communication at Saving Grace Petcare. Join the love-fest by visiting and letting us know how we can support you.

You know them; the people who are super busy, but who somehow manage to be completely guilt free when it comes to leaving their pets at home during the day, or when they go away for business or pleasure.

They love us because, at every stage of life from puppy to elder pee breaks, they know we will be there for their furry, feathered and finned family members.

They show their love through our stellar Yelp! reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. We return that love by providing calm, caring and quality petcare focused on each pet’s particular needs, during upwards of 200 visits on any weekday, across holidays and around the clock.

And, just like in any healthy love affair, we are happiest when you are happy!

That means being wise about the fact that we aren’t the perfect fit for every pet. We work best with dogs who are friendly with . . . or at least tolerant of . . . other dogs, and with other creatures who don’t mind us being in their space. That discernment has helped us to serve thousands of pets who welcome us as members of their own families.

We like to spread love throughout the neighborhood via:

  • The increased socialization of group walks (with up to three pack buddies).
  • stress-free, in-home boarding.
  • overnight stays where a care provider settles in with your creature in the most comfortable place of all, your home!

Grace Steckler, the “Grace” in Saving Grace Petcare, left 12 years in a convent teaching high school biology with a dream in her heart. She wanted to make the world a better place through a vocation that did not include early morning alarm clocks or nylon stockings. She hoped to support busy people like you, so she strapped on a pair of sneakers, grabbed a leash and began walking the beautiful streets of Capitol Hill with your neighbor’s dogs.

Since 2010, she has grown the business from 12 to nearly 50 care providers and 3 franchises from the river north to NoMa and Brookland and from Hill East to the Navy Yard.

Along the way, the company has learned what makes pets happy and how to help them live healthy lives in our bustling, urban environment. Since we have that long-term wisdom, now you do too!

Finding a great pet-life balance when you are busy with work, family and social obligations can be tough. Busy people need all the help they can get and Saving Grace Petcare is here to help you navigate the urban, professional environment across the 20002 and 20003 zip codes.

We’ve learned a thing or two during our 16 years of caring for thousands of every kind of pet you can imagine. In Pet-Wise each week, we will share tips, tricks, behavioral and product recommendations, book reviews and sweet stories about life with pets in the Capitol Hill, Hill East, NoMa and Brookland neighborhoods.

The views and opinions expressed in the column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Hill Now.


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