New Kingsman Academy Club Connects Students to Community

by Courtney Brown June 15, 2016 at 3:25 pm 0

Kingsman Community Club cleanup (Photo courtesy of Vanessa Brancato)A new middle school club is doing whatever it can to help the community, whether it is picking up trash or cultivating a garden for the neighborhood.

History teacher Vanessa Brancato of the year-old Kingsman Academy Public Charter School (1375 E St. NE) started the Kingsman Community Club back in March.

The young members of the club have been hard at work over the past few months cultivating the community garden in preparation to sell vegetables in August, Brancato said in an email to Hill Now.

Anticipated fresh vegetables for sale likely will include peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, herbs and tomatoes.

The students picked up trash weekly from the Kingsman Dog Park as well, in response to a neighbor who worried about his dog eating the trash, Brancato noted.

“The purpose [of the club] is to connect the school with the community,” she said. “The school hasn’t had a lot of community outreach.”

But the club doesn’t intend to stop at vegetable sales and dog park cleanups.

It is looking to add a complimentary dog walking service for neighbors who live next to the school, Brancato said.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Brancato


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