Pet-Wise: Rain

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Pet-wise rain

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After the crazy, wet spring we’ve had, it looks like we have a few more storms on the horizon.

Rain is inevitable, and all dog owners need to be prepared. Wet days are no excuse to keep a dog cooped up indoors. Don’t be the cause of the disappointment in your dog’s eyes when denied the best part of their day outside: sniffing, exploring and catching up on the neighborhood pee-mail.

All dog-owners should own a good raincoat and boots for themselves. Fumbling with an umbrella and a leash (and possibly a bag of poop) is neither safe nor enjoyable. The best rain jackets have sleeves more suited to a gorilla’s arms than a human’s. This feature provides extra protection in the case of lost gloves or other emergency as hands can be tucked up inside the sleeves. A savvy dog walker will pull leash and hands inside the sleeve of the jacket, keeping them both warmer and drier.  And, if your leash doesn’t dry quickly enough, try one of these.

Dogs can also benefit from a rain coat. Keeping a dog’s undercoat dry is vitally important during stretches of wet weather. Without a blow dryer, it can take the undercoat several hours to dry, just in time for the next trip outside. Damp fur can make a dog susceptible to bacterial and fungal skin infections.

What to do if your dog won’t wear one?  Let them shake! A dog can remove 70 percent of the water from it’s fur in just four seconds simply by shaking. Stand nearby with a towel ready to work at paws, legs and (gently) ears.

Rain is fun! Think back and try to remember a time in childhood when a rainy day elicited happy cries of anticipation instead of groans of frustration. Remember jumping in puddles and floating sticks down storm drains and streams. Recapturing some of that childlike spirit can help to encourage you to spend longer outside when it’s wet. Rain releases a subtle fragrance called petrichor from the earth, making the walk more pleasant for both you and your scent-sensitive pup and that’s a win-win.

So next time Mother Nature decides to give us a shower, put on your gear (here are some more ideas), take a deep cleansing breath, and head outside. You’ll be giving a gift to both yourself and your dog!

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