Morning Rundown

Yards Park Mosaic

Questions Remain After District Council Votes to Move Ward 6 Homeless Shelter to Mount Vernon Triangle — Mount Vernon Triangle residents are questioning the process of selecting sites for homeless shelters after the District Council voted to move the proposed Ward 6 shelter location from Southwest to 2nd and K streets NW. [Washington City Paper]

Jefferson Middle School, Capitol Hill Montessori to Receive Improvement Funds — As part of the proposed 2017 education budget, Jefferson Middle School at 801 7th St. SW could receive $1 million to upgrade its science labs while Capitol Hill Montessori at 215 G St. NE is slated to receive $4 million to pay for a new heating and cooling system. [Hill Rag]

Interviewing the Owner Behind Capitol Hill’s Most Unique Bookstore — Jim Toole, the owner of Capitol Hill Books, spoke to Washingtonian magazine about his unorthodox organization and his handwritten rules posted throughout the store. [Washingtonian]

Navy Yard Eatery Due South Eyeing Satellite Location on Yards Park Boardwalk — Navy Yard restaurant Due South is in the early stages of planning “Due South Dockside,” along the Yards Park boardwalk to serve drinks and a limited food menu. [JDLand]

Monthly Capitol Hill Area ANC Meeting Roundup — Hill Rag takes a look at what happened last month with Capitol Hill area ANCs, including 6A6B6C and 6D. [Hill Rag]


Morning Rundown

Capitol South Metro station entrance and escalators

Bayou Bakery Expands Dinner Service Starting Friday — Capitol Hill eatery Bayou Bakery will start serving dinner on Friday, with plans to serve fried chicken livers, seared Cajun pork belly and blue crab fritters. [Washington Post]

Turf Athletic Field at Randall Recreation Center Almost Complete — Construction on a new turf athletic field at Randall Recreation Center in Southwest is almost complete. The field includes a new scoreboard, soccer field and baseball/softball field. [SWTLQTC]

Monthly Capitol Hill Area ANC Meeting Roundup — Hill Rag takes a look at what happened last month with Capitol Hill area ANCs, including 6A, 6B, 6C and 6D. [Hill Rag]

NoMa Parks Foundation Purchases Two Acres North of New York Avenue NE — The NoMa Parks Foundation purchased two acres from Pepco at the northern end of NoMa to convert into a park. It’s the second park purchased by the parks foundation, a branch of the NoMa Business Improvement District. [Washington Business Journal]


Morning Rundown

Houses on G Street SE

Group Opposed to Hine Project Development Files Freedom of Information Act Request for ANC Documents — The Hine Coalition, a group of Capitol Hill residents opposed to the Hine Project development next to Eastern Market, have filed a Freedom of Information Act Request for documents related to ANC 6B’s consideration of the project. [Capitol Hill Corner]

Monthly Capitol Hill Area ANC Meeting Roundup — Hill Rag takes a look at what happened last month with Capitol Hill area ANCs, including 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D and 6E. [Hill Rag]

Pedestrian Killed in Car Accident on Maine Avenue SW on Friday — A person driving a car struck a pedestrian just before 8:30 p.m. Friday on Maine Avenue SW. The pedestrian died shortly after arriving at the hospital. [WUSA]

Meet the Neighbors: Hill East’s Spider Lady and Her Famous Halloween House — Lara Walker, 48, is the self-proclaimed “Mama Spider” behind the Capitol Hill spider house at the intersection of 13th Street and South Carolina Avenue SE. Almost every Halloween, the elaborate decorations seem to weave their way out of the brick home. [Hill Now]


Ward 6 Map (Photo via Office of ANCs)While Hill residents cast their votes in local and citywide races, they selected Advisory Neighborhood Commission representatives, too.

The ANCs will have 16 new commissioners among 38 total, Board of Elections results show. ANC 6A and 6B will have the largest overhauls, with 5 out of 8 and 7 out of 10 members set to be new, respectively.

Here’s how the ANC candidates stacked up, with incumbents indicated with an asterisk.

ANC 6A 01: Omar Mahmud (34.1 percent)*
ANC 6A 02: Phil Toomajian (72.6 percent)
ANC 6A 03: no candidate; write-in winner to be announced
ANC 6A 04: Matt Levy (61 percent)
ANC 6A 05: Patrick Malone (50.4 percent)
ANC 6A 06: Stephanie Zimny (47 percent)
ANC 6A 07: Sondra Phillips-Gilbert (79 percent)*
ANC 6A 08: Calvin Ward (74.4 percent)*

ANC 6B 01: Jennifer E. Samolyk (69.5 percent)
ANC 6B 02: K. Diane Hoskins (49.7 percent)
ANC 6B 03: James Loots (29 percent)
ANC 6B 04: Kirsten Oldenburg (78.4 percent)*
ANC 6B 05: Steve Hagedorn (48.8 percent)
ANC 6B 06: Nick Burger (43 percent)
ANC 6B 07: Daniel Chao (72.3 percent)
ANC 6B 08: Chander Jayaraman (69.6 percent)*
ANC 6B 09: Brian Flahaven (85 percent)*
ANC 6B 10: Kathryn Denise Rucker (49.4 percent)

ANC 6C 01: Daniele Megan Schiffman (67.3 percent)*
ANC 6C 02: Karen J. Wirt (70.3 percent)*
ANC 6C 03: Scott Price (72.8 percent)*
ANC 6C 04: Mark Eckenwiler (71.7 percent)*
ANC 6C 05: Chris Miller (43 percent)
ANC 6C 06: Tony T. Goodman (81.4 percent)* Read More

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Morning Rundown

Garfield Park

Biking on H Street NE — Cyclists will be encouraged to bike on streets adjacent to H Street NE, but will not be banned from biking on the street, the District Department of Transportation said. [Washington City Paper]

Future of the Streetcar System — City officials have scaled back plans for additional streetcar lines citywide. Current funding will allow about 8 miles of tracks, not the previously planned 22 miles, the DDOT director said. [WAMU]

New Cafe in Hill East — The cafe planned for 12th and E streets SE will have a European feel and is slated to open in the spring. [The Hill Is Home]

Infrastructure at Buzzard Point — Pepco has bid to build a substation just north of the proposed D.C. United stadium site, in “anticipation of the higher-density development yet to come to southwest D.C.” [Washington Business Journal]

Community Meeting Schedule — Capitol Hill Corner compiled a list of this week’s ANC meetings. On the agenda: a statue in Marion Park and what to do with land near the Stadium-Armory Metro station. [Capitol Hill Corner]


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