D Street SE Hill Now reported yesterday on a recently formed community group for locals without kids, and we got a huge response.

Like the large and oft-discussed Moms on the Hill (MOTH) group, Childfree Living on the Hill (CLOTH) is meant to bring together neighbors who might not connect otherwise, resident Lori Ward said. She started a Facebook page for the group and is coordinating a real-life get-together soon.

Commenters on our Facebook page told us these groups are an “only in D.C.” phenomenon and that they want a Dog Owners on the Hill (DOOTH) group.

Does the Hill need more community groups? Which ones? And what’s living on the Hill all about anyway?


Lori Ward in Lincoln Park, Feb. 17, 2015

Capitol Hill mothers have had the neighborhood listserv Moms on the Hill for years. Now, child-less people have a group of their own.

As of Valentine’s Day, Hill residents have CLOTH: Childfree Living on the Hill. Resident Lori Ward started the group as a way for another subset of locals to meet their neighbors.

“There are married people with kids here, single people with kids here and lots of single people without kids here,” she said as she formed snowballs for CLOTH’s first event, a snowball fight in Lincoln Park.

“[The group] is nothing at all against kids — it’s all tongue-in-cheek,” she said.

Nearly 90 people have signed up so far for the group that aims to get people away from their computers and out with their neighbors.

“People move here because it’s a great community, but then work so much that they never get out of the house,” said Ward, an English as a foreign language professor who’s lived near 13th Street and South Carolina Avenue SE since 2011.

A CLOTH happy hour is being planned, with no time or location yet.

Another group, SLOTH is also in the works. It’s for people who are Single and Living on the Hill.


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