Morning Rundown

NoMa flowers

Man Killed in Southeast-Southwest Freeway Car Crash — One man was killed and another man was injured in a single-car crash on the Southeast-Southwest Freeway near South Capitol Street. [WUSA]

Gun in the Library of Congress — A former D.C. police officer was arrested for trying to take a loaded, unregistered gun into the Library of Congress. Yong H. Ahn, 55, said the revolver was his off-duty weapon, but he failed to provide credentials or a license. [WTOP]

Psych Exam for Stabbing Suspect — Jasper Spires, the main suspect in a fatal stabbing at the NoMa Metro station on July 4, has been ordered to undergo a psychological examination. Judge Robert E. Morin of the D.C. Superior Court also said he found sufficient evidence to retain Spires in jail until trial. [Washington Post]

Keeping it Green — The Wylie Street Community Garden in the H Street corridor is safe from development for now. The H Street Community Development Corporation said it does not have “immediate plans” to develop the land, but that it could devise a plan to develop within a year. [Hill Now]

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Morning Rundown

Commandant's House at the Marine Barracks

Hill Family Fighting School Truancy System — The mother of a Brent Elementary School student is facing criminal child neglect charges after she traveled to Mongolia with her son to adopt a child. D.C. Public Schools considered the child’s absence truancy and began court proceedings. [Washington Post]

Business Owner’s Dog Seized by Police — The owner of Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar has filed a lawsuit claiming police seized his dog and unlawfully searched his home. He links the search to a conflict he had with ANC 5D Commissioner Kathy Henderson. [U.S. District Court]

Why a DeLorean Visited the Capitol Building — It turns out the DeLorean and Marty McFly lookalike spotted near the Capitol last week were part of a campaign for telecommunications law reforms. [The Heritage Foundation]

Southeast-Southwest Freeway Confusion — New exit signs for eastbound traffic on Southeast-Southwest Freeway contradict each other. The C Street SW exit is marked both as Exit 2B and Exit 6. [WTOP]

‘The Real D.C.’ From A to Z — A new book made by D.C. teens takes an alphabet tour of “the real D.C.” X is for X2 bus, G is for go-go and P is for Potomac River. [Frozen Tropics]


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